Fame is not that easy

I`m Summer just turned 17 years, i have 2 amazing brothers Nathen and Fahid.
Nathen and Fahid are a DJ duo, cool isn`t it?
Well i sing and songwrite my new album ‘FROZEN’ just came out a week ago. And i'm friends with one direction, might i be falling for Harry?


5. Feelings?

I walked down the stairs while looking at my nails( polyvore.com/girls_nails/set?id=103439070 ) and saw the boys sitting on the couch watching the telly. “Hey boys” I cheered. “Hey” they said. “When did you got here?” I asked. “About 20 mins ago” Fahid answered. “Okay” I said while walking towards the kitchen, with Harry Niall and Liam following me.
 I picked up a apple and begun eating it. “Hey Niall” I said looking over at him, he was standing against the kitchen counter texting someone on his phone. “Sup?” he asked. “You know who’s here?” I asked. “Santa?” he asked fake exited. “No silly” I said laughing. “Who then?” he asked. “Ellie” I said looking at him. “Really?” he asked blushing like crazy.  “Aaaahhhw is little Nialler blushing?” Harry teased. “OOOhhhhh Ellie is in here” Liam said teasing him to. “Guys stop it’s good now” I said. “Okay” they groaned. “Thanks” Niall said. “ Your welcome” I said walking towards the trash bin (A/N: HELLL YEEAAAH I found out it’s called anyways back to the story) to throw my apple away. “Hey Summer can I talk to you?” Liam asked. “Course” I said. “Alone” Liam said looking at Niall an Harry. They groaned and walked away.
“Sup?” I asked Liam. “Well I don’t think the feelings I had for Dani ever had gone away completely” he said. “Huh?, whatcha mean?” I asked confused. “ I think I don’t had real feelings for Soph, I think I love her but I’m not in love with her” he said . “Well to make you sure Dani still loves you, and yeah I like Soph but I don’t think she’s the one for you” I said truthfully. “You still talk to Dani?” he asked. “Yeah I never stopped and my manager is thinking about making her one of my background dancers for the ‘FROZEN’ tour” I said. “Okay, but I don’t know what to do” he said almost helpless. “Well follow your heart, if it says to go back to Dani and let go of Sophia then I have nothing to say” I said looking at him. “I know what I’m goanna do, thanks Summer” he said while hugging me. “Your welcome Liam, ya know I’m always there for you where you need me” I said. “I know” he said smiling. “So If you excuse me now I need to get changed” I said. “Okay” he said.

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