Fame is not that easy

I`m Summer just turned 17 years, i have 2 amazing brothers Nathen and Fahid.
Nathen and Fahid are a DJ duo, cool isn`t it?
Well i sing and songwrite my new album ‘FROZEN’ just came out a week ago. And i'm friends with one direction, might i be falling for Harry?


3. Brooklyn

*At the house of Summer’s parents*
“Wow nice house” Sophia said. “Thanks” I replayed. “Do you live here alone with your mom and dad?” Perrie asked. “Yeah, but my mom and dad adopted a baby girl, and we named her ‘Brooklyn’.  “ Aaaahhhhww that’s adorable” Sophia said. “I know right” I said. “Can we meet her?” Eleanor asked. “Yeah if my parents are home then you can” I answered.
I opened the door and heard light snores coming from the living room. “Follow me” I whispered to the girls. We walked into the living room and saw my dad sleeping on the couch with Brooklyn cuddled up in his chest. “Omg that’s so cute” Perrie squalled. “Ssshht let them sleep” I whispered.
We walked up the stairs to my room putted my laptop down on my desk. “Your room is so cozy” Perrie said. “Yeah it’s just like you” Sophia agreed. “What do you mean like me?” I asked. “Just so cute like you” Eleanor added. “Thanks” I said and blushed. My phone ringed signaling to pick it up, I looked at the caller ID: Ellie Goulding
“Hey Ellie” I said.
“Hey summer, guess what?”.
“You walked into a racket by accident and are on Venus right now?” I asked exited.
“No silly, I’m in the car right now and I’m staying in Holland for 2 months” she said  laughing.
“Omg your kidding” I screamed into the phone.
“Nope” she said popping on the p.
“Omg that is awesome geez I can’t belive it that is so crazy” I answered.
“Okay I’ll be there in 30 so be ready” she said.
“Okay bye love you”.
“Bye love you to” she answered and hung up.
“Who was that?” Eleanor asked. “Ellie, she’ll join us for the week and after she’ll stay with me for 2 months” I answered. “Yeaah, another girl” Perrie squalled. “Ya know Niall likes her?” Sophia asked. “Really?” I asked. “Yeah he is totally into her” Eleanor said.
“SUMMER” I heard my dad shout from downstairs. “Yeah?” I called back my voice almost cracking. “Can you come down here for a sec?” he asked. “Sure” I said walking down. I walked into the living room and saw my dad sitting on the couch with Brook in his arms. “Sup?” I asked. “Will you baby sit Brook for tonight, I’m going to a scholarship with mom” he said. “Of course” I said picking up Brook from the couch. “Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked. “Yeah bye” he said. “Bye” I said walking up the stairs.
I walked into my room and putted Brook on my bed. “God she’s so cute” Eleanor said. “Buwabbha” Brook giggled clapping her baby hands. “She likes you” I said to Eleanor, Brooklyn crawled over my bed to Sophia and sat on her lap. “So what should we do?” I asked the girls. “Wait on Ellie?” Perrie asked. “Yeah it won’t take so long anymore I think. Just then my room-door opened revealing Ellie. “Hey Ellie” I said. “ Hey babe” she said back hugging me, she said hello to the other girls hugging them to.  “So what shall we do?” I asked the girls. “How about we change first?” Ellie suggested. “Okay” We all said. 

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