Fame is not that easy

I`m Summer just turned 17 years, i have 2 amazing brothers Nathen and Fahid.
Nathen and Fahid are a DJ duo, cool isn`t it?
Well i sing and songwrite my new album ‘FROZEN’ just came out a week ago. And i'm friends with one direction, might i be falling for Harry?


1. The Track

The track

I`m Summer just turned 17 years, i have 2 amazing brothers Nathen and Fahid.
Nathen and Fahid are a DJ duo, cool isn`t it?
Well i sing and songwrite my new album ‘FROZEN’ just came out a week ago.
I love: my 2 brothers, my lovely family, my amazing friends, the awesome fans, and not to forget music, …..
I hate: being mobbed, screaming(only when someone is angry it scares me), angry people, small rooms( i`m claustrophobic), and asthma attacks.
I was just walking through the mall in The Hauge, without a bodyguard finally some time alone without getting mobbed but I still needed to put my sunglasses on. I walked to Starbucks and ordered a candy cotton frappucchino when Fahid called I picked up.
“Hey Summer”
“Hey sup?”I asked.
“You know that track you mixed last  time when you were alone?”.
“Eeeerm yeah why?”I asked confused cause I did It for the fun when I was on the tour bus.
“Could you come over with it we want to use it for our new track-list” he said.
“Okay I’m at Starbucks right now I’ll go home after this and pick up my laptop and change” I said.
“Maybe you want to hang out with us?” he asked.
“Who is us?”.
“Me, Nathen , the boys of one direction and their girlfriends”.
“Course I’ll be there in 1 hour”.
“Oke bye love you”.
“Bye love u 2” I said.
“Summer” the register said. I walked to her and took my frappucchino.
I walked to my car and got in, normally this is my car but there were some problems. I got in and drove home.
I quickly took a shower and changed, picked up my laptop and bag and putted my sunglasses on. I walked quickly walked downstairs trying not to drop my laptop, and saw my dad on the phone with someone, probably my mom or so asking something about the Christmas party we are giving soon. I sprinted towards my car cause I was already 1 hour to late.
*skipping carride*
I knocked on the door, the door opened revealing a just woken up and a soaking wet Nathen.
“What happened to you” I questioned laughing. “The guys spilled ice cold water over me when I was sleeping, just woke up” explained kissing my cheek.
I walked in and saw Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and 3 amazing looking girls.
“HEY SUMMER” the boys and Fahid screamed. “HEY GUYS, COULD YOU BE A LITTLE LOUDER THAN ITALY MIGHT HEAR YEAH?” I screamed back.
“Hey love I’m Eleanor Louis`s girlfriend” a girl with brown hair said pulling me into a hug. “Hey I’m Summer” I smiled taking the hug. “Hey I’m Sophia Liam`s girlfriend” a girl with hazel eyes said hugging me to. “I’m Summer” I replayed hugging back. “Hey love I’m Perrie  Zayn`s  fiancé” a girl with beautiful blonde hair said hugging me to. “Hey I’m summer” I smiled hugging back. “I’m sure we’ll become great friends” I said smiling to the three girls.
“Okay enough girl hugs now it`s my hug time, hey I’m Fahid your brother nice to meet you” Fahid joked. “Hey Fahid nice to meet you to I’m Summer your sister” I played along laughing.
“Guys” Nathen said walking down the stairs. “Hey” we replayed.
“So did you bring your macbook?” Fahid asked. “Course” I said. “Could you play the track please?” he asked. “Sure”.
“That was awesome” all the boys said. “Thanks” I replayed smiling.
“How did you made that, I mean you are a singer and songwriter right?” Harry asked.
“yeah but I’m a part-time DJ” I said. “Ohh okay I didn’t know that” He said. “There are much things you  guys don't know about me" i said smirking.


(A/N: okay hey guys thanks for reading this story hope you like it so far, i know if u saw it i have posted it on 2 more websites xxx)

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