6th Member (On Hold)

Scarlett Davis is part of the world's most famous band, One Direction. Yeah you must think she has an amazing life. She can get anything she wants. Buy anything she wants. And everyone adores her. But no, she gets mobbed every single day just like the rest of her band members, gets a lot of rumors about her and etc. Do you think she will continue to have an "amazing" life or will something unexpected happen to her? Read more to find out.


2. Starting The Tour.

2. Starting The Tour

Today is the day that me and the boys are staring our 2nd tour. (If you don't count the XFactor tour). I am so exited! We have been practicing for so long that i already want to get on with the show and perform for our adoring fans. There is an hour till our show and I am so anxious for it to star yet I'm so nervous. I feel like I'm going to mess up. I was sitting in the dressing room while my hair/makeup  was getting done. I started talking to Lou. "Lou do you think i'll do good?" "Yeah lovely. You'll be great out there. You've done this before. It will be fine." I'm glade I have Lou here to help me. I was going to say something to her when I heard the door burst open and in walked Zayn and Harry out of breath. "GIVE ME MY BANDANA BACK."  Harry screamed at Zayn. "Guys shut  up your making me more nervous." "Aww babes don't be nervous you know you'll be great. Oh and Haz you won't get your bandana back unless you catch me." Zayn said and ran out of the room right under Harry's arms. A couple of minutes pass and Paul comes in and says, "Scarlet your on stage in 5. Lets go get in position." I got out of my seat and headed to my spot. I heard the speakers say 3…2…..1! And boom we all pop out of the ground.

"It feels like we've been living in fast forward

Another moment passing by.."

We were on our last song WMYB. Harry was singing his solo and suddenly I heared Liam say to me, "Here Scar hold my mic." I took his mic and Hazza was ending his solo and Liam pulled his pants down and then ran of into a different direction with me following. I gave him his mic back and I couldn't sing the rest of the song because I was laughing  so hard. Then into the microphone I said after the song ended, "Everybody give Liam Payne around of applause for making me laugh so hard. I never laughed this hard in my in tire life." everyone started screaming and Liam said, "Your welcome Scar it was meant for entertainment purposes." After that we said good night and thank you and we left the stage. As we left the stage we started wiring for people to leave. After every fan left we headed of to our tour bus to go to the AirPort. We were heading to NYC. It was such a good night that I slept the way to the air port and i didn't even wake up to go through security check. Some one who I guess was Paul was carrying me the whole time and even put  me in my seat. The nest time I woke up was when we still had some time left to get to New York. All my make up was off so I hope that when we get to  JFK airport there won't be a lot of people. But I guess we'll see.

(A/N)~ Okay so I'm enjoying writing this I hope I can get some more favorites though. But still its fun to write and I will be updating my other story soon so go check it out!



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