6th Member (On Hold)

Scarlett Davis is part of the world's most famous band, One Direction. Yeah you must think she has an amazing life. She can get anything she wants. Buy anything she wants. And everyone adores her. But no, she gets mobbed every single day just like the rest of her band members, gets a lot of rumors about her and etc. Do you think she will continue to have an "amazing" life or will something unexpected happen to her? Read more to find out.


3. Getting To New York City

3. Getting To New York City

Since we still had like 30 minutes left to get there, I decided to get up and do my make up. I finished my make up and 10 minutes was left to get to NY. I know, it takes me a long time to do my make up. Thats only because I need to look perfect. I'm a perfectionist Oh and because I have people staring at me while I do it! ( People on the Plane).

"Okay, guys we are getting off in a minute." Paul said.

"Paul do you know how many people are at the air port?" I asked my head was kinda hurting. I think it was jet lag.

"No Scar. Sorry we'll see when we get there." 

We finally got there and me and the boys were going to be the last ones out. Once everyone was out, me and the boys were about to get out. I could already hear a little bit of screaming and then we all came out and the screams just got so loud."Scarlet can you sign this." 

"Sure Love!" I went over to sign with Paul without me. After I signed it I took a picture with the girl and started talking to her and her friends.

"So are you girls going to any of our concerts here?"I asked them if they didn't I had 3 extras my best friends couldn't make it they had exams.

"No, all the thickets got sold out." she answered frowning.

"Well girls, would you like 3 vip tickets?" There was 2 of them but they can find someone else to take if they took the tickets.

"OMG Scarlet stop joking around with us." 

"I'm not joking!" I took out the 3 tickets in my purse and gave it to them.

"Scarlet you just made our day even better than it was. Thanks so much!"

"No problem ladies. I like making people's days better!" Paul came behind me and whispered in my ear, "Scar we have to get going."

"Ok girl, sorry I have to go but I'll see you at the concert yeah? Bye." I waved back and they were screaming bye. I was going outside and I could still hear them screaming that they just met me. I got outside and my eyes blinded for a second but I got used to it. The boys were already in the car and a really nice pap came up to me.

"Hey Scarlet, were missing you here in NY."

"Thanks." I said and got into the car.

Today we didn't have a concert we were staying in NY for 2 weeks so we had a day off. I decided to go shopping and I asked Louis. (IDK why him)

"Lou bear?"

"Yea Scar?"

"Can you go shopping with me and then walk around in the city?" 

"How many stores are we going to before we go walking?" 

"Like 2 only I need to buy some things."

"Fiiiine." He said whining.

Obviously Paul has to come along.

I went to Top Shop & Forever 21. After that me and Lou were walking around time square a couple of fans came up to us and we took pictures and continued walking. Also obviously paps were following us the whole time. I couldn't take it any more. 

"Can you guys please leave me and Louis alone. This is our only day off. We would appreciate it if we can have a peaceful day. Don't you have enough pictures or enough videos? Please let us have some peace." I yelled half of it and said angrily the other half. After that happened me and Louis were walking around and looking at things for a couple of more hours. We even went to Dave and Busters (an arcade) and played some games and ate some food there. We went back to our hotel rooms and that was our night. I went and took a shower and then went to sleep. I had a long day tomorrow.

(A/N)~ So I  don't really know what to say so I hope you enjoyed it and I'll update soon! bye.

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