6th Member (On Hold)

Scarlett Davis is part of the world's most famous band, One Direction. Yeah you must think she has an amazing life. She can get anything she wants. Buy anything she wants. And everyone adores her. But no, she gets mobbed every single day just like the rest of her band members, gets a lot of rumors about her and etc. Do you think she will continue to have an "amazing" life or will something unexpected happen to her? Read more to find out.


4. Getting Ready For The 2nd Concert

4. Getting Ready For The 2nd Concert

I woke up the next morning by Paul calling me. I picked up my phone and answered, "Hello"

"Hey Scar, you need to start getting ready. We're getting ready to go to practice soon."

"Ok, how long do I have to get ready?"

"You have about 10 minutes so go do what you need to do and I'll see you soon." Paul said and then hung up. I walked into the shower and then got dressed in this to practice for the concert.: 

I went down to the lobby and there I saw Paul and the boys. We walked out and guess what? If you guessed that there were paps you were right. There were also fans. But we couldn't stop to take some pictures with the fans. I really wanted to. I hope i'll see them again soon. We were taken into the car with tinted windows and it was so cool inside. Outside it was really hot and i was wearing sweat pants and UGGs. But it was winter so I have to try not to get sick. We got to the back entrance of the place and thank god there was no paps or fans. We walked inside and started practicing. A couple of hours later we had to start getting our makeup & hair done. We also had to get dressed into our tour clothes. :

(These are all the outfits she wears.) I put on the first outfit and Paul was telling me we were going on in 5 min. I started getting to the stage and all I could hear is my heart beating and everything else around me got blurry I suddenly got dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. 2 minutes before i had to go on stage I threw up. Every one around me was asking if I was okay. I just said yes and it was time to go on stage. I started sing and I still felt really hot and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was really, really dizzy. The last thing I heard was Zayn calling, "PAUL COME QUICK."

(A/N)- Sorry its really short. I'm really busy and i know its not really good but i will try to update a better chapter soon.

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