Sleep Away

Mary-Anne Kate lives in Australia with her hot, popular and super smart twin sister. Mary-Anne is a girl with many problems, mental, physical and logical. She can't talk and she doesn't like showing her emotions. One day she meets Ashton and her life is changed forever.


4. What?

Mary's POV-
I wake up and just stare at the ceiling, I know where I am. This has happened so many times before, I just can't react like usual. About 2 hours later people started realising I was awake and tried to get me to eat, they just sat the food in front of me and stared at me, the food was just sitting there, mocking me and they were waiting for me to eat. I wanted to but I felt a lump growing at the back of my throat. It wasn't emotion, was it? I was so confused. Eventually a nurse came in "Oh Mary! You're awake!" She seems happy, why the hell would she be happy working where she does!? God, sometimes people like her scare me. She tried to get me talking, asking me questions. This time I don't feel like something is holding me back. I feel like I can answer, but I don't want to, I just continue to stare at the ceiling, feeling cold and numb. Sometimes I wish the end would come, I have no pride, no hope and no future. I know Ashton didn't mean to scare me, I don't know why I backed away. I waited until the nurse left and my sister, Luke Michael, Calum and Daniel came running into the room. I watched as they all crowded around me, but I could only focus on one thing. The ceiling. I was so confused and they were crowding me, I have no idea how long I was staring at the ceiling but I eventually my eyes began to droop and I fell into nothingness.
I woke up to only find Ashton in my room, mustering all the strength I had I moved a little. Bad Idea, sending pain straight up to my head. I began gasping for air as I felt like my head was about to explode "Ahh!" I screamed, sitting up as fast as I could. Bending over and cradling my head in my hands. Suddenly I feel a pair of arms wrap themselves around me, and I felt safe. My vision was clouding and the pain was getting worse "Fuck!" I screamed, suddenly I realised what had happened. I had talked, finally I was able to talk. I look up to see my sister standing at the door with her mouth wide open and a coffee on the ground, still spilling out of the cup as if it had just been dropped.

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