Sleep Away

Mary-Anne Kate lives in Australia with her hot, popular and super smart twin sister. Mary-Anne is a girl with many problems, mental, physical and logical. She can't talk and she doesn't like showing her emotions. One day she meets Ashton and her life is changed forever.


1. Sleep Away

Mary-Anne's POV-
I lie awake, lying in the grass. I could never talk again. I'm not like others, people call me weird and different. Call me whatever you want 'cause you'll get sick of me not answering back, not giving you a second glance. It's just me and I lie sleeplessly awake in my own world, the part of me that belongs here isn't here. It's locked up, sleeping away like I wish I forever would. Call me a cutter, call me emo. I know I'm not, I deal with my pain and emotions differently to you. Call me suicidal, call me a freak. I'll jump if I have a chance 'cause I know. There will be no-one to catch me if I fall, no-one to save me from this darkness. No-one to save me from myself. I lie sleeplessly awake and I feel myself drifting away as I hear my mother's last words playing in my head, the words that cursed me. The ones that made me like I am now "Sleep Away"

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