2. Flights take forever!

Im still on the flight... Chase keeps annoying me but, I think i'm starting to fall for him! With his gorgeous hair flips and his piano playing hands, he is just too amazing!!!! We ended up playing competitive bowling on the games channel on the inflight entertainment thingy, and I won! Will, woke up after both of us made too much noise by talking. Will went, SHHHHHHHH really loudly and Chase and I erupted laughing really loudly and the Teacher had to come over and tell us to keep it down... Epic LOLness.

So, the food on the flight strangely tastes good! So weird. Will and I chose the western side and ate the beef steak. While Chase chose the Asian Chow Mein. Will ate then fell asleep as soon as he finished. Derp..... Chase and I ended up swapping our meals because it turned out he didn't really like the Chow Mein and preferred my steak. So, I took the Chow Mein and it tasted amazing!!

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