1. Fifteen

Astrid Aphrodite Clementine Josephine  

Fifteen. Is it really happening!? I'm fifteen and flying off to Beijing with my friends? A really fun, school trip to Beijing? Ok. I think I am overreacting.  So, I'm leaving my family and some of my friends behind in the UK and i'm flying with some of the school to Beijing! How cool is that? I've checked in, we all have and we get to choose our flight seats! I didn't really bother changing my seat.... I really wanted to change when I found out two boys were sitting next to me! I mean I knew one but who was the other? Is he new to our school? I had so many questions.

Eventually, after 5 mins and everyone settling down, I introduced myself and William (the kid I knew,) was like yeah yeah, I know you..... and I was like WILL! IDK THIS RANDOM DUDE SITTING IN BETWEEN YOU AND I! Will went silent and apparently, the new dude's name is Chase. He wasn't too bad! We got to know each other and we ended up getting grouped up into the same group. So, I'm basically stuck with him for 4 weeks! He's not the best looking, but something sparked in him! Will ended sleeping for most of the way like because the trip was around 10 hours, he ended up sleeping for about 7 hours straight! Thats how much sleep you need in a whole day! Chase slept for about 30 mins while I was watching 1D's new movie, but I he kept leaning on me! It was quite annoying as his massive head blocked my view! Sooner or later, I woke him up and told him he kept leaning on me!!! He automatically flushed tomato red! I went red and started laughing like crazy!!! 


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