The girl who waited.

Amelia Pond, once the young girl that wished that raggedy man would take her away from her nightmarish aunt. Her time is over. Goodbye Pond, remember. Death is only the beginning.


1. Come along Pond


              "I know we're all stories in the end, and I've made the best one. Eh?"


She was in her death bed, her ginger-grey hair layed perfectly around her face. Stay stong she thought, he'll come. He had to be here, out of all of time and space she knew he'd find a way.

Suddenly, awoken by a loud rumble, she sat up. Then she heard a crash and a husky rasping sound. Her heart filled with happiness and hope; there it was. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. She stared at it, waiting for that too familiar creaking sound.

"Raggedy man, I know you're in there!" The door swung open, he stepped out and they both just looked into eachother's eyes.

"Hello Pond" They both smiled. He looked the same; bowtie blue, suspendurs falling off his shoulders slightly, that way he stands, when his feet point outwards. And those glasses, slipping off his nose. How she missed that man.

"You stole my glasses, Doctor" Amelia's thick, scottish accent echoed. He smiled and took them off his nose and placed them on hers.

"Goodbye, Raggedy man" His smile dropped and knelt by her bedside.

"Don't, no, don't ever say that to me" He kissed her head "Please, Pond. Don't go.."

He looked at her with shear guilt and sadness in his eyes.

"I chose to leave my old time. It is not your fault. Anyway. It's my time, it's my ending" The old woman smiled, "I know we're all stories in the end, and I've made the best one. Eh?" He nodded knowing those were similar to his last words before, then again. He's still alive.

Her eyes shut and she breathed her last breath.


                                                                            *       *       *

The door of the TARDIS closed once more. Many tears trickled onto the controls as the machine whirred again. Where to next? When will the time come? When shall The Doctor go to Trenzalore?



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