At The Drop Of A Hat (A collection of poetry)

A collection of poetry from various artists. It may make you laugh, cry or even gasp in horror, It's all in this book.
Credit to Holly51768 and Victoria Wethers for their massive contribution to the book! Couldn't have been done without you :D


4. To A Friend (Robert Eager)

Your smile alone can light a room 
Your touch could melt a stone 
A hug from you is like a drug 
More potent than any known. 

Your friendship is as natural 
As the sky the earth the sea 
And though I'd pay a mound of gold 
Your friendship's completely free. 

A thousand words and a thousand more 
Still the story would not be told 
About the lasting friendship that we have 
A friendship never sold. 

And so I give you in return 
What you have given me 
Friendship flowing from the heart 
Like a river to the sea. 

By: Robert Eager

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