At The Drop Of A Hat (A collection of poetry)

A collection of poetry from various artists. It may make you laugh, cry or even gasp in horror, It's all in this book.
Credit to Holly51768 and Victoria Wethers for their massive contribution to the book! Couldn't have been done without you :D


13. Don't (Holly51768)

The road is dark

Stars painted out

Splashes of crimson

Are laid about


He walks alone

Shoes on the pavement

Scraping and shuffling

In enslavement


His heart beats

Plump and warm

But his soul is shriveled 

Black and torn


The winds howls 

A raven cries

A story ends

A life dies


Selfish and suffocating 

A tears creeps down 

He falls to his knees

He is going to drown 


Yet something calls to him

A melody in his ear

His heart strings pull

He feels no fear


It isn't the answer

It isn't right

Even if he is a man

Lost in the night


Everything lost can be found

Your life

Your wings

Your place in the town


You must cut your own path

Whip down the brambles

Light your own way

Inflame the candles!


You are your own hero

Be your own king

Take matters into your own hands

Be Brave, Be Seen

By: Holly51768

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