When roads cross

Harry's dad is dead and now he lives with his three younger siblings and his mother in a little house in the suburbs of England.
The family is a worker-family and the story takes place in the 60's-70's.
Harry's life is without meaning and he has a hard time finding a job to support the family. That is until he meet the daughter of the richest man in town.
Two different social classes and families, which loathes one another, have their roads crossed and every prejudice get challenged and love must take the ultimate test.


10. Mom's second meet

And so she did. 
"Hello Melanie. Come in."
They shook hands and Harry's mother made a hand-gesture to welcome her in. 
Then she started drying her hands nervously in her apron.
 "What a lovely hat," she then said to her.
"Thanks" Melanie said with the fur hat in her hands. 
"Oh you can put it here." Harry's mother had seen at once, that Melanie was unsure of where to put it in the little hallway. So she cleared a shelf filled up with all kinds of stuff. 
Then she went into the kitchen leaving Harry and Melanie alone. None of them said anything to eachother.

The few minutes it had taken Harry to get Melanie to turn around and into the kitchen, his mother had the pans heated up and pancakes cooking. 
"Sit down. Make yourself comfortable." 
So they did. Melanie with her hands in the lap, one leg over the other and a straight back. As called, Harry could hear Leah jump down the stairs and right enough she stood in the kitchen two seconds later. 
"Hi Melanie!" She said loudly and ran to give Melanie a hug. 
"Oh thank you Leah." Melanie was surprised and hug her awkwardly again.
"Leah. Behave." Harry's mother said. Leah let go and sat on a chair beside Melanie. 
"Do you have any siblings Melanie?" Harry's mother asked Melanie.
"Uhm no I have not. It is just me. But I have some older cousins."
"How nice." Harry's mother was only polite. Their family was huge and already now you could see the difference.

"I hope you like pancakes Melanie." 
"I am afraid I have never really tasted any homemade…" Melanie blushed a little. 
"You have never… Oh well then..."
"But they sure smells nice Mrs."
Harry's mother laughed a little. She was not used to be called by 'mrs.': "You can call me Karen. That is what everyone else does in this house."
"No mom, we call you mom!"
"That's right Leah."
"But Leah, mom is not Melanie's mom you sillyhead."
"No of course not. But she could be her mother-in-law, couldn't she?"
"Yes she could Leah, but me and Melanie are not a couple." 
"Why not?"
"Enough with the questions Leah. Run upstairs and tell the others the pancakes are ready."
"OK" She ran out and upstairs. They could hear her jumping up the stairs.
"So Melanie, what do you do in your daytime?" 
"I go to college. I take my A-levels."
"Oh OK. That sounds nice." Harry knew she didn't have a clue about what A-levels were and he also knew Harry's mother felt ashamed about not having enough money to take Harry to college. He felt mad at Melanie about having to mention it. 
 Harry's mother put down a plate filled with pancakes on the table. In the same moment Leah and Harry's other siblings showed in the door.
"You sure understand how to time it don't you? Take some plates Leah.  You two can say hello to Melanie."
"Hello," Brady just said. 
"Brady!" Harry's mother said angrily. 
"Oh OK. Hi ya," he then said while shaking Melanie's hand loosely. 
Harry's mother shook her head and hit him, for fun, over the head.
Hilly did the just opposite her brother. She bowed very elegant for Melanie and said very silent: "My name is Hilly." 
Harry was a little embarrassed of his sister to think Melanie would have to be bowed for. Her visit didn't went too well and he began to regret talking Melanie into coming back. 
"Hello Hilly. I am Melanie what a fine bow you made there. I'm sure I couldn't have done it any better myself." Melanie said and bowed her head too. Hilly flushed and smiled shyly and sat down on a chair. 
"She have been practicing haven't you Hilly?" Harry's mother said. Hilly nodded making her face even more red. Harry remembered how Hilly had bowed again and again in her room yesterday just before they went to bed and smiled a little.
"The little tosser's name is Brady if you wondered." Harry said nodding his head towards Brady. 
Melanie smiled. 
"We don't usually know the names of the girls, you drag home at night why should they know mine?" Brady had his mouth filled with pancake, he had taken from the plate when his mother didn't watch.
"Brady! Enough!" She yelled at him and tore the pancake out of his hand. 
Melanie looked a little uncomfortable and Harry felt even more uncomfortable. Of course it wasn't Melanie's business who and how many Harry had slept with, but it still made him feel bad.
He was about to give up and just kick Melanie out of the house. 
 "You have a very nice home Karen." Melanie then said.
"It is very polite of you, but I can't imagine it measuring up to your parents' house."
"I like this better. It has more soul." Melanie said. Harry looked at her and she looked like she really meant it.
"Thank you dear." Harry's mother said and smiled warm-hearted. Compliments seemed to be the way ahead in this family. "Take some pancakes. Here you go." Suddenly Harry's mother seemed a little taller and she lifted a pancake onto Melanie's plate. 
They all took a pancake each and started eating. Except for Melanie.

Melanie looked at Harry's siblings and then it struck Harry. She didn't know what to do! She fumbled a little and took the pancake in her hand with the tip of her fingers.
"Go on and eat." Harry's mother smiled, a  little worried she had done something wrong. 
Then Harry's mother  too realized why Melanie hadn't eaten anything yet. 
"Oh dear." she said very worried. "We have fork and knife if you want. I should have thought of that." 
Harry couldn't hold it any longer. Melanie's visit had been a huge blooper. He burst out laughing.
"Harry what are you laughing at? Have you gone out of your mind?"
"You pancakes are lovely mom." He laughed.
Then a little detained giggle came from Melanie. Soon all three of them laughed so their stomachs hurt and the tears sprung from their eyes while the kids didn't understood a thing.


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