When roads cross

Harry's dad is dead and now he lives with his three younger siblings and his mother in a little house in the suburbs of England.
The family is a worker-family and the story takes place in the 60's-70's.
Harry's life is without meaning and he has a hard time finding a job to support the family. That is until he meet the daughter of the richest man in town.
Two different social classes and families, which loathes one another, have their roads crossed and every prejudice get challenged and love must take the ultimate test.


12. Eighth meet

"Oh good day mrs. Can I ask if Melanie is home?"
"Uhm ok. Do you know when she will be back?"
"No." The woman in the door talked with a terrible snobby accent and looked down at Harry with a raised eyebrow. 
​"Oh well then. I will come back… Later i guess."
"I don't think so." The fine lady snorted.
"Excuse me?" Harry turned around. He could feel himself become very angry but he controlled himself
"Who do you think you are boy? Coming here to our house, asking for Melanie looking like that, when you offended her and our family. In addition you are so bold and so impudent to show up in those clothes in front of our house. An excuse will not be enough for someone like you. You are a disgrace to us and the English." 
"And I think you should get those eyebrows out your fine stuck-up arse. Mind your own business and let Melanie decide whether she like to see me or not."
And then she slammed the door. Harry was bursting with rage. Of course he would meet her terrible parents. What had he been thinking? Why would she be any different from her parents? He kicked the oak door . Angry with the big white house, with himself for thinking she could be an OK girl and for them to be so stucked-up.

Melanie stood in front of him. He was so angry he didn't looked at her.
"What the hell man? What is wrong with your mother?"
Melanie didn't became angry nor did she answer the question.
"Harry you are here. I am surprised."
 Harry looked at her now. She smiled with all of her face, even though she tried to hold it back you could see it in her eyes. His mood changed i an instance. When he did not say anything, Melanie opened her mouth while her eyes was locked to the ground. 
"I thought maybe… You know… It was a little… Awkward… You know what I mean. Not your family of course… They are lovely… But… Me not knowing how to… You know… I will just stop talking now. I am sorry." She talked with a thick English accent.
"Oh no don't be. I mean. I came back didn't I?" Harry smiled at her. 
"So it is really to see me again. I didn't forget anything or…?" 
"No, no, no, no you didn't. I just wanted to see you again." Then he blushed. Big time. He felt his cheeks burn and he decided to take it back right away.
"But if you don't want to I will just go again. I wasn't such a good idea after all. So I will just…" He stopped before he said 'leave' and hesitated before he turned around. 
"No, please stay Harry!" You could hear she regretted as much was she had said as Harry did. "I mean you are already here. And by the way you still have my ring." 
"OK then." Harry answered. 
Then they both laughed when none said anymore.
"Shall we…?" Melanie then said and opened her body towards the hall. 
"Uhm you think it's a good idea? You know with your mom and me saying she should get her eyebrows out of her..." He coughed a little. It suddenly seemed improper to mention words such as 'arse' in the presence of Melanie. "...Well, you know." 
Then they laughed again. 
"You are probably right. I will just get my coat." 
She left the door ajar and left Harry to stand in front of the door. He looked around him. Bushes shaped neatly in squares, triangles and circles. A big, shiny, black car was parked in front of a double garage. 
Melanie showed again in the door. Now as the Melanie he had seen for the first time, the time with Leah and the time she had walked away. He smiled. This girl would not be give him the easiest time in his life. But who knew? Maybe she was worth it. 

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