Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?


2. TWO


Emma's POV

This school was almost too easy. My first three classes were: Math, History, and Science. (Easy.) I was currently headed to my 4th and last class of the day, Art. I hadn't really met a lot of people today. A nice boy by the name of Jeff had taken me to all my classes today after we met first period. I had gotten my way instructed for this class. I saw the room number and walked in.

I sat down at the desk in the back corner of the room. Most of my classmates already arrived. A pretty blonde girl came over to my table. 

"Excuse me, Is this seat taken?" I smiled and shook my head she pulled her stool out and sat next to me. I looked up at the front of the room and my heart sank when I saw the familiar figure. I examined him and saw the black clothing, Black vans, Jeans with the ankles rolled up, and a black Hoodie and that stupid black beanie.. He turned in his stool and smirked at me. I had the overwhelming urge to throw something at the back of his jerk head. He turned to the boy beside him with Lilac hair (Sorry I love Lilac Niall!). They both looked back at me and I rolled my eyes looking away. During the rest of the class I could feel Louis and Lilac Boy's eyes on me occasionally. I had been talking with my seating partner most of the class while we drew, Her name is Carrie. 

When the bell rang everyone rushed out. I took my time packing up. I put my drawing on our class' rack and returned to my stool sitting down and putting my stuff in my bag when tattooed hands were planted on my desk I looked up shocked and saw Louis he leaned his face close to mine

"Wanna have some fun?" He asked 

"Excuse me?" I said 

"You heard me" He said I got up picking my bag off the table. 

"I was wondering what you were implying." I said he took my bag from me carrying it I sighed not bothering to object. 

"I was implying exactly what you think I was." He said

"I wasn't thinking about anything" I said 

"Sex." He said 

"I am not  having sex with you." I stated 

"Wow. You say that with a lot of disgust in your tone." He said 

"Because there is disgust in there." I said 

"Ouch." He said 

I made it to my locker. Opening it I took my bag from Louis' hands roughly. He raised his brows leaning against the locker beside mine. 

I put my wallet in my bag zipped it up and closed my locker. 

"Do you walk home?" He asked I nodded hoping he had a car so he would have to drive home leaving me for a peaceful walk. 

"Me to." He said I sighed 

"Joy." I muttered 

"You really don't like me eh?" He said 

"Is it that obvious?" 

He smirked 

"Damn you must be feisty in bed." He said 

"You're not having sex with me so get that thought out of your head." I said he chuckled 

"Can I at least think about kissing you?" He asked 

"Don't think about me at all." I said walking towards the doors. 

"Damn" He said I pushed the door open and he followed after me. I walked in silence Louis pulled a cigarette out of the fold of his beanie and the same black zippo lighter from yesterday. He lit it and despite my grumble of rejection put his arm around my shoulders. 

The walk home was feeling like it was going to last forever. Louis told me to cut through a plaza. 

"We're retrying the dinner thing tonight. Your parents invited us last night." Louis says I sighed 

"This time I plan on staying.. Don't worry babe, I'll behave." He said flicking his finished cigarette.

"Don't call me babe." I said and pushed his arm off he sighed tugging my backpack back and forcing my back into the wall planting his hands on the wall beside me blocking me. 

"You're really frustrating you know that?" He said 

"Yeah? Well you're annoying." I said 

He shifted closer to me 

"And incredibly persistent." I said putting my hand on his chest moving him back. He smirked stepping back. He walked forwards I stood there astonished by his actions

"Coming?" He asked as he turns to me I sighed catching up to him. 


The smell of my mother's cooking filled the house. 

I put on my sloppiest clothes and messed my hair up. I powdered my face and walked down the stairs lazily. 

"Mom.. Dad? I'm not feeling very well.. Can I miss dinner tonight?" I asked my parents gave me sympathetic looks. 

"I guess so.. We'll tell the Tomlinsons" My father says 

"Thank you, Sorry" I said and went up the stairs I quickly went into my room. I changed into my comfy black pj leggings and a loose fitting white tshirt. 

I sat at my computer, I heard talking and looked down seeing Louis and his family walking over. I smirked to myself. I got out of this one home free.

Third Person POV

Emma's parents heard knocking at the door. They got up welcoming their neighbor's inside once more. Returning to the dining room table. Louis noticed Emma's empty seat and smirked. He sat down 

"Where's Emma tonight?" He asked as polite as he could. 

"She wasn't feeling very well, She went up to her room to get some rest." Emma's mother answered Louis bit his lip to hide his smirk.

"If you don't mind I would like to take a tray of food up to her room.. Me and her have become very close. Maybe I could take some tylenol or something to help her feel better" Louis said 

His parents didn't argue, Louis had worn the sweater and took out his piercings like they had asked, with his piercings out and tattoos covered he looked like the old Louis. Emma's Parents looked at each other. 

"I guess that would be alright." They answered Louis nodded 

"Excuse me" He said getting up and going into the kitchen he found a tray putting two plates and two glasses of pepsi on it. He grabbed the bottle of tylenol and headed up the stairs. 


Emma's POV

I heard footsteps and shut my laptop quickly getting in my bed and under the covers flicking my lamp off. I heard my door open, close then something being placed on my desk, I felt the end of my bed sink slightly registering the person's weight. 

"Y'know I didn't think you'd lie to get out of dinner with me." I heard the voice I shot up and flicked on my lamp seeing a smirking Louis at the foot of my bed. 

"What are you doing in my room?! And why do you look so different?" I asked

"Because.. I took my piercings put and covered my tattoos at the request of my parents." He said 

"That must suck" I said 

"What?" He asked 

"Your parents not accepting your appearance." I said he tilted his head to the side. 

"I haven't really thought of it that way but now that you say that.." He said 

"You look nicer with out all that metal on your face.." I said 

"Are you implying I look ugly with them or..?" He says 

"No! I'm only saying that you look kinder with out them.. It looks like there is less of a chance of you punching someone when they're gone." I said 

"I'm going to take that as a compliment and thank you." He said I giggled but regretted it. Great.. now he probably thinks I like him. 

Author's note: 

A little thing here. Who kinda wants to be a character in this story? Give me a role, name (Could be your actual name i dont really care) and appearance and I'll include you! :)




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