Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?


7. SIX

Emma's POV

"Alright so let me get this straight.." Liam said as we sat down at a table outside a lunch. I set down my tray.

"You want me to sleep with Melanie?" He asked

"No, I just want to know if they slept together." I said

"Why do you care so much Em?" Is shrugged he smirked his lip stud popping out slightly

"What?" I said

"You like Louis.. Don't you?" He asked

"What?! No! Of course not." I said

"Emma.. You can tell me the truth." He said

"I'm telling the truth. At least I think so.." I said

"Well that's cute." He said I swatted his arm.

"Don't joke about this! It's serious!" I said

"Serious? Well then count me out." Louis says setting his tray down.

"What are you two talking about?" He asked

"Nothing." I said Louis nodded and looked down at his food. Picking up a fry and putting it in his mouth.

"Hey dude, have you talked to Melanie today?" Liam asked

"She's busy today." Louis said

"With you?" Liam asked

"No, I'm going to get my tattoo anyways." Louis says

"What are you getting?" Liam asks

"It's one Em picked out." He said I remembered the rose.

"Oh, cool." Liam said nudging my foot under the table. I cleared my throat and sipped my coke.

"'s Vanessa?" Louis asks Liam

"How should I know?" He asked

"Aren't you two together?" Louis asked taking a bite of a chicken finger

"Nope, just a fling." Liam said scratching his chin.

"Oh." He looked down then looked back at me.

"We walking home tonight?" He asked

"What about your tattoo?" I asked

"Oh, right. Wanna come with me?" He asked, I remember already telling him I couldn't go. I couldn't stand needles.

"I can't." I said

"Why?" He asked

"I can't stand needles remember?" I asked

"C'mon Em, don't you think it's time you concur that fear?" He asked sending me a gentle smile. I looked at him an extra moment.

"I guess I could see if I could go.." I said a real smile grew on his face.

"That's my girl." He said with a chuckle.

I saw Liam's smile in the corner of my eye and elbowed him.


I was trying to finish up my art when I saw tattooed hands rest on my desk, I looked up. Seeing Louis he licked his lips and took his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Can I help you?" I asked

"Can I borrow a pastel?" He asked

"What colour do you need?" I asked he shrugged.

"Have you even started?" I asked

"I have the sketch and detail done.. Can you give me your opinion on the colours I should use?" He asked I nodded and got off my stool and followed Louis.

We reached his and Niall's desk. His hair was a bright blue today he waved at me.

"Hey Em" he said his thick Irish accent was one of the sweetest things I've heard. It reminds me if my trip to Ireland with my family.

"Hey." I said

I looked down at Louis' work and couldn't help but let my jaw fall to the floor.

"Holy crap Louis! This is good." I said examining the art. It was a zombie that was looking up from the human it was eating. Heart in one hand, a hand full of intestines in the other.

"You really think so?" He asked

"Yes! The amount of detail in this is amazing." I said

"Hey! What am I chopped liver?" Niall said I looked over at his art. He was drawing a guitar it was pretty good as well.

"I like yours too, you like guitars?" I asked

"I collect them. I also play." He said I smiled

"Cool, I didn't know that." I said he smiled and looked back down at his art. I sat in Louis' stool

"I think you should use a greyish green for the flesh of the zombie to apply a rotting effect and use lots of dark reds and blacks for the body parts. Don't go too light on the human flesh unless it's a fresh victim." I said he nodded

I let my eyes stick to the drawing.

"You got those colours?" He asked

"Let's check shall we?" I asked he nodded I lead him back to my table. Carrie was away today so I had most of the space covered in stuff.

I looked inside my pastel box and dug out colours I thought were good. I placed the bunch in Louis' hand.

"So.. Will you be joining me after school to get my tattoo?" He asked I looked up into his eyes and couldn't bring myself to say no.

"Yeah" I said he nodded

"Cool. Thanks for the advice." He said I nodded

He hovered for a moment longer and then walked away. I sighed and looked down at my own art. I was drawing a rose. A bunch of them in the rain. I really liked roses. I started to think about Louis' tattoo. The rose that was leaking black ink. I looked back at my drawing and stated to draw a puddle of black ink under the pile of roses. I finished shading it in pressing hard with a pastel. I sat back looking at it.

"Nice." I looked up and saw Louis. He smiled slightly and put the pastels back in the box.

"Thanks" I said he put his hands on he tables and looked over every inch of my drawing.

"This looks a bit like my tattoo." He said

"That's the inspiration." I said

"Oh.. I like it." He said

"Yeah.. Same." Awkward silence sunk on us. The bell chimed, I stood up and tucked my art away. I put my pastels in my bag and put it over my shoulder.

"Wait for me?" Louis asked

"Like I have a choice." I said sending him a faint smile. Everyone rushed out of the room. I followed Louis back to his art. The coloring he started looked amazing.

"Wow." I said he chuckled

He slid his art into his cubby and grabbed his bag putting it over his shoulders, the skateboard tucked on the arms made him look like an airplane.

"Alright, let's go." He said I nodded

We didn't have to stop by our lockers so we just walked out. We took the opposite way and I was just following behind Louis, I didn't have a clue where I was going.

"I'm hanging out with Louis. Might be home late. xo." I sent the text to my mom.

"Any later than 11 I'm calling the police."

"Jesus mom.. He's not going to do anything to me." I texted back.

"If you say so. 11. That's your time." She said I rolled my eyes replying with an "ok". I caught up to Louis he turned into a patch of woods.

"Why are we going through here?" I asked

"Because it's a short cut." He said I nodded walking in behind him.. I heard a branch snap and rushed up beside Louis grabbing his arm hugging it close to me.

"Em, relax." He said

"I can't. I have a chill up my spine. I said he chuckled

"Just stay close then." He said

"I was going to anyways." I admitted he laughed



"We're here" Louis spoke.

"We're at the shop?" I asked looking up from having my face shoved into his arm.

"No.. I meant the end of the woods." He said I sighed.

"Just a bit more Em." I followed him until we reached a plaza. It looked endless.

"I'm tired." I moaned. Louis turned to me.. Thinking for a moment he took his skateboard out from against his back.

"I'm not riding that thing." I said

"No just sit on it." He said putting it on the ground I sat on it crossing my legs

"Give me your bag." He said I handed it over. He put the end to me.

"Hold on tight." He said taking the strap. He started to pull me down the sidewalk. I felt like a little kid again.

Louis turned a corner in the plaza and pulled me a few more slabs of sidewalk and stopped helping me up and grabbing his skateboard he handed me my bag.

He pulled open a door, a bell chimed as we walked in.

"Hey Louis, what'll it be today?" A guy asked sitting at a desk. I looked around the walls were covered in drawings and guitars and plaques.

"Who's this?" The guy asked

"Oh, Jackson this is Emma. Emma this is Jack." Louis said

"Nice to meet you." I said shaking his hand

"I don't see any tattoos.. Your first one?" Jack asked I shook my head.

"I'm here with Louis while he gets one." I said

"Let's see the work mate." Jack said I looked over at the guy at the receptionist desk who was smoking a cigarette.

I gave him a small smile he winked at me. I scooted closer to Louis. Louis dug into his bag and grabbed the picture of the rose.

"Where am I putting this then?" He asked Louis out his hand on his elbow, Not one inch of it was taken. He nodded

"If you'd follow me back to the room.." Jack said

"Since you don't wanna see the needle you can just sit over there." Louis said I glanced back over at the receptionist. He gave me a creepy look. I shook my head.

"I'll come." I said he gave me a questioning look.

"What?" I said he shrugged and walked into the tattoo room. A black leather chair was sitting there along with a black stool with wheels.

"Now Louis.. Is this all your getting today?" He asked with a chuckle Louis chuckled.

"I think so." Louis returned the chuckle I wanted to be in on the joke.

"What do you mean?" I asked Jack.

"Well, every time Louis comes in here wanting 1 tattoo he always leaves with more than that." He said I nodded

"Explains the sleeves." I said

"Yep." He said I sat awkwardly, loud rock music played in the shop and it was hard for me to think.

I heard the needle start.

"Shirt." He said Louis nodded my breath hitched as Louis started to pull the black fabric over his head. I examined his body. He had "Alive" written up his side in a big black font going up from an inch away from his waistband to below his arm around his armpit.

He had "It Is What It Is" tattooed across the top of his chest. A 70 by his shoulder and I loved his sleeve that had the small pointless tattoos like a tea cup and a skateboarding stick man. He had "Live Fast" under his right breast.

I marveled all his tattoos. They told a story in a way.. They let people know that Louis was a "live for the moment." Type guy. I liked that.

He had "Reckless." Tattooed in small font on his hip. I flicked my eyes back to Louis' he was looking at Jack.

"Just flip stick your elbow out." He said I watched as the needle met Louis' skin. I looked away.

I let my eyes travel on the walls more drawings covered the walls in here. I looked in the mirror and noticed a was quite pale.

"Louis?" I said

"Yep?" He said

"Is there like a coffee shop around here? I'll go get drinks." I said he chuckled knowing the reason why I was so nervous.

"There wanna two shops down to the right." He said I nodded

I got up grabbing my bag and putting it over my shoulder.

"Teas?" I asked

"2 sugars and 2 milks." Louis said

"Black coffee please, 2 sugars." Jack said I nodded

I walked out and saw the guy at the desk. I sucked up every bit of bravery I had

"I'm going to the coffee shop. Want anything?" I asked

"I'll take a double double coffee please." He said I nodded.


After ordering and paying for all of the drinks I sat down with a bagel I ordered trying to pass time. I looked out the window and saw a book store. I found it appealing.

I realized that I had drinks that were getting cold and rushed back to the tattoo shop. I handed the guy his coffee and walked towards the room.

"Where you going so fast baby?" He asked I ignored him and rushed into the room. I saw Louis standing up at the mirror as Jack and Louis talked about the tattoo.

"Let me see it!" I said excitedly he turned and flashed me the tattoo about the size of the palm of my hand on his elbow. He had a few spots wrapped up too.

"How many extra tattoos did you get?" I asked

"3" he said

"Can you afford all of those?" I asked

"Don't worry Em, I get a discount." He said taking his tea and handing Jack his black coffee. I took my tea out of the holder and sipped it.

Louis got the rose wrapped up and put his shirt back on.

I followed him back out.

He stopped at the desk I stood behind him as he paid.

We walked out of the shop.

"Can we go to that bookshop?" I asked he nodded I lead the way across the parking lot. When we entered the old building I breathed in the scent of old books and new books.

"Do you think they have comics?" Louis asked I gave him a weird look he smirked

"Just asking."

I walked up a set of wooden stairs and found the fantasy section. I skimmed the titles. I took about 3 books off the shelf I stepped back and saw one that caught my eye. I reached up for it and couldn't reach I felt Louis' chest touch my back and turned around he pulled the book off the shelf and held in out looking back down at me. We locked eyes and I grabbed the other end of the book and Louis didn't let go of the other end. He looked down at my lips. I kept my eyes on his but snuck a glance at his pink soft lips.

I looked down as Louis lifted my chin up with his free hand.

He landed a soft peck on the tip of my nose.

Something so simple had such a huge meaning to me. This was his gentle caring side. I got to see it. I looked up at him once more he looked down at me.

"Is that it?" He asked gesturing to my books I nodded we walked back down and Louis went through a book bin as I checked out. I put my newly bought books and wallet in my back pack. Louis came up behind me and put a book down about mystical beasts. The cover was a werewolf. Compared to the unicorn and rare flower books this was pretty funny too me. He paid and tucked the book in his backpack. We walked back out Louis dropped his skateboard down and planted one foot on it and pushed off. He reach the end of the sidewalk and attempted a trick. He landed it and turned coming back towards me. His phone started to ring and he stopped and dug it out of his pocket.


"Ha, you're such a dumbass."

"No.. I don't want to." Louis said smirking

"You need to stop calling me! I told you I'd-"

"Oh my god." He said with a chuckle

"Ok.. Alright I'll see you later."

I didn't know who was on the other line but something pulled at my heart strings when I realized Louis' tone was quite flirtatious.. Was it Melanie?

I turned and walked.

"Where you going?" Louis asked

"Home." I said

"Why? It's still early." He said

"Because. I don't want to be here." I said and kept walking

"Em?! What's wrong?!" Louis called after me I ignored him. I hugged myself and continued to move forward.

My arm was gripped and I was spun around I met Louis' eyes and I fought to hold back tears. Ugh! Why was I crying?! Louis wasn't worth my tears.

"What's wrong?" He asked I tugged my arm away and turned I didn't get one step before Louis grabbed me and pinned me against the side of a building.

"Stop" I said

"What's wrong? Why are you so moody?" He asked I blinked and wanted to scream when a salty tear rolled down my cheek. Louis' face softened

"Em?" He whispered I felt more tears come down. I put my head down.

"What's wrong?" Louis asked

"Is it something I did?" He asked

"Who were you talking to?" I asked


"On the phone." I said

"Zee, Harry and her are at my house." He said

"Does she call you a lot?" I asked

"Yeah, to annoy me." He said I looked back up at him

"Why are you so upset?" He asked

"I don't know." I said he sighed

"Oh Em.. don't tell me your.." He trailed off and sighed and hit the wall.

"What?" I asked

"Do you...?" He trailed off once more

"Do I what?" I asked

"Do you.. You know.. Have feelings for me?" He asked I could tell by his face it would be a bad thing to say yes.

"No. Of course not." I said

"Oh, okay.. Good." He said

"Why is that a good thing?" I asked hesitantly he shrugged

"I'm not ready to be committed." He said I nodded

"I wouldn't date you anyways." I said he scrunched up his eyebrows.

"Why not?" He asked I thought it over, this could be fun.

"That for me to know and for you to keep wondering." I said he gave me a look. I tried to walk away he planted his hands on either side of me.

"No... Why wouldn't you date me?" He asked I didn't say anything.

"Em." He grumbled I stood there not saying anything

"Emma." He said I looked him over.

"What is it?" He asked frustrated. I couldn't help but noticed he was attractive when he was frustrated.

I reached up and put my hands on his face, softly moving them down. I put my hands on his chest. He gave looked down at my hands then back at my eyes.

"What are you going?" He asked lowly

I slid my hands around his shoulder blades and pulled myself closer to him. I put my lips inches from his.

"It's a secret." I whispered our lips brushing.

I leaved away and moved his arm. I stepped away Louis pulled me back again.

"You don't just drop a bomb like that and get to walk away." He said

"Why? Are you the boss of me?" I asked he folded his lips together.

"Whatever you're trying to do it's working. I'm turned on." He said

"That's good for you." I said he shook his head and sighed.

"You're so hard to figure out." He said I smiled

"You're quite the mystery yourself." I said he parted his lips to say something but nothing came out.

"Cat got your tongue?" I asked

He cleared his throat.

"I'd like to go home now." I said he nodded

The walk back through the woods was quiet. I didn't really know what went over me back there and I hope it didn't mess with Louis' head too much or change how he thinks of me. I am not like that. I don't throw myself at boys.

Following behind Louis I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Either it was "I'm sorry" or "Please don't ever tell anyone that happened." I decided the best thing to do would be to wait for him to say something. The sun was setting.. I could tell through the tree tops.

"Louis, It's getting dark. We should hurry. It will be dark soon." I said

"Why? You afraid of the dark?" He turns around and smirks.

"No.. I just.. My mom told me to be home by 11 my phone died and I don't know what time it is." I said

"Why didn't you just ask me?" He said pulling his phone out of his pocket.

"It's 9:30. Still got an hour to kill." He said

"What will we do?" I asked

"Well.. You said it yourself.. It will be dark soon... The fun starts when the sun goes down." He said a hint of mischief in his blue eyes. I cleared my throat.

"Can we please get back to our street before it gets dark?" I asked

"I'll try my best." He said turning again to continue walking.

I looked at my black phone screen and grumbled.

"How long?" I asked

"Em relax I'll get you there in time." He said I breathed out a sigh.

"Are you going out after you drop me off?" I asked

"Of course." He said

"What will you be doing?" I asked

"Why do you ask? Worried about me?"

"Just...Don't do anything stupid." I said

"I've been doing stupid things since I was born sweetheart."

"Ok fine then, just.. Be careful." I said

"Yeah." He said I didn't get his reply. So I just hugged myself and walked silently.

I heard a noise.

"Louis?" I whispered

"What?" He said

"Did you hear that?" I asked

"It's nothing Em. Just keep walking." He said I heard it again.

"Louis, I heard it again." I said

"Em." He said annoyed I stated quiet when I felt arms around my torso I screamed as it lifted me off my feet Louis whirled around he rushed over gripping me and pulling me into him I desperately hugged his torso.

Louis gripped the collar of my attackers shirt until a laugh rang out.

"Dustin?" Louis said

"Man! You shoulda seen your faces!" He laughed harder

"Dude that wasn't funny." Louis said his arm still wrapped around my back.

"Who's that?" Dustin asked Louis kept me put of view.

"No one." He said

"C'mon man, I won't bite." He tried getting a look at me I buried my face in Louis' chest as he turned his body on an angle.

"Oh, I see a secret girl.." He said

"It's not like that. She just.. She's shy." Louis said I nuzzled into him more.

"Alright.. I'll meet her one day.." He trails off

"You still coming over tonight?" Dustin asks

"Yeah, for sure. Every one else going?" Louis asked

"Yep." Dustin says

"See ya there then." Louis said he turned 180 degrees keeping me tucked away.

Dustin's footsteps became distant and Louis loosened his grip I still held onto him.

"You okay?" He asked I nodded but stumbled he stopped walking abc leaned down scooping up my legs behind my knees and cradling me.

He continued to walk and I nuzzled my head into the crook of his neck.

"Sorry about that back there." He said

"Who is that guy?" I asked

"An old friend." He said

"Why were you covering me?" I asked

"You don't want Dustin to know your face." He said

"Why not?"

"You don't want to know." He said I felt a cold tug at my stomach and held him closer.


Louis gently set me down outside of my house.

"It's kinda dark in there." He said

"They're probably in bed." I said

"That doesn't explain the car not being here." He said

"It's probably in the garage.. Goodnight." I said I turned walking away until I felt a jerk on my arm I turned and noticed my hand still had a grip on Louis' he raised his brows at me I took my hand out of his

"Sorry." I said

"It's okay" he said

"Oh and about earlier today.." I trailed off

"What happened earlier today?" He said

"Remember at the book-" I stopped once I got what he was implying.

"Thank you." I said

"I understand. You're a very weird and confusing girl Emma." He said

"Me? Me weird and confusing?" I asked

"Yeah you." He said smirking

"Don't even get me started Tomlinson." I said he chuckled

"Are you sure someone is home?" He asked

"Why? Want to come inside do you?" I asked

"You said it not me." He said

"I'll check the garage. If the cars not there I'll go inside and call my moms cell." I said he nodded I knew what the plan was but I just couldn't bring myself to move. Louis and I stood there a good 3 minutes in silence before he chuckled

"Aren't you going to go?" He asked

"Will you come?" The words slipped out of my mouth before I could bite my tongue.

"Why? Scared of your own house?" He asked when I didn't say anything he nodded

"Alright, if the car isn't in the garage I'll do a sweep, tuck you in and leave." I giggled at the "tuck you in" part.

We walked over to the garage. I pushed in the code and it went up the black Cadillac wasn't there.

"No car." I said give him a "figures" look. Walking into the house Louis flicked on the lamp just inside the door.

I took off my shoes but Louis kept his on, he's not going to stay long. I followed him as he did a full sweep of my house. I followed him into the kitchen. He pulled a note off the fridge.

"Emma, uncle Ernie had an accident this afternoon. He was admitted to the hospital in the city. Your father and I have decided you are responsible enough to know when to go to bed and lock up. We will be here over night is waft I am implying. We love you. Goodnight honey. Xoxo Mum and Dad." Louis read and looked up at me.

"They're leaving me here alone?" I asked ripping the note from Louis' hands and read it over once more.

"Are you really that scared of your house?" He asked

"Actually.. I'm that scared of being alone." I said his eyes stayed on me once more.

"How about I do one last sweep and then I'll stay with you until you fall asleep." He said I nodded

"That sounds good." Louis did one last sweep and followed me back up the steps. Walking into my room I sit the door and walked into my closet changing into pjs and walked out. Louis sat on my wheelie chair.

I went under the covers.

"Louis?" I said tiredly

"Yeah?" He said looking at me from his arm of tattoos he was examining.

"Do you mind sitting next to me? You don't have to it's just.." I trailed off

"Nevermind." I said

"No, it's alright." He said he walked over to my bed, propped up a pillow and laid down siting up slightly he scratched his eyebrow and looked down at me.

"Goodnight Em." He said

"Thank you, goodnight." I said I closed my eyes and I have never felt this safe and comfortable. It must have been Louis.

I snuggled up close to him feeling his warmth.

I breathed out a sigh and relaxed, falling into the darkness of a dream.

-next day.-

I open my eyes like a slit. I breathed out a sigh. It fell quiet in my room. Then I heard breathing.. I wasn't the only one in here. I tried to move when I felt an arm wrapped around me. I looked down and saw Louis' tattooed arm. I felt his chest to my back. His forehead against the back of my head. I didn't try to move. I liked this more than anything. I don't know why.

His hand rested on my mattress in front of my stomach. I slowly reached down. I felt over his knuckles the skin surprisingly soft as silk. I saw the work on his hands. A tattoo of an arrow that belonged to a bow and arrow ran along the side of the top of his hand from the part where the wrist met the hand to the knuckle of his pinky. I looked at the word "Forgive" on the side of his thumb joint.

I stopped touching his hand when I felt his legs move. Our legs tangled he stopped moving. Until his arm tensed up pulling me closer to him, I felt every inch of my body against his. He adjusted him self and I felt the corner of his mouth on my neck. Each of his breaths tickled my skin. I wondered if his beanie fell off while he slept. Most likely. How did this even happen? Did he mean to stay?

My heart stopped when yawned quietly the sound was adorable though. I shut my eyes trying to make it look like I was asleep.

He gently took his arm out from under my neck and slowly took his other arm out from under the front of me. He slid away I feed him sit up. I rolled onto my back and watched him through the slits of my eyes. He looked down at me seeing if I was going to wake up. When I didn't he pulled his knees up his beanie was off revealing soft caramel brown hair. He rested his elbows on his knees and put his hands in his hair. He sighed, stretching back up he turned and looked me over once more. He gently searched for his beanie. Unsuccessful at finding it he looked down at me once more. He gently put his hand on mine. I struggled to keep a sleeping position on. He looked at my face.

I saw his eyes travel every inch of it before he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. That's when I thought it would be a good time to play "sleepy wake up." I fake yawned and let my eyes flutter open. I met eyes with Louis as soon as they opened.

"You're still here?" I asked

"I didn't mean to be.." He said I nodded

"What time is it?" I asked

"10am." He said

"How long have you been up?" I asked

"Not long." He said

"Is something bothering you?" I asked he shook his head.

"Are you sure?" I asked

"I just.. Here I was preparing for you to wake up and start screaming 'Rape!' But.." He stopped

"You didn't." He added

"I'm sleepy." I said he chuckled

"That doesn't seem to stop you." He spoke with ease I sat up

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked

"Nothing. It supposed to mean nothing." He said

I took his hand that he was examining and held it down

"You just spent the night in my bed, in my house. You cannot insult me here." I said

"You asked me to be here remember?" He asked I glared at him

"Yeah, until I fell asleep!" I snapped

"You didn't let me leave! As soon as you fell asleep I waited a few moments then I tried to get up when you caught my wrist and wouldn't let me go!" He snapped back

"I didn't do that." I said

"You wouldn't know.. You were asleep remember? When in your sleep you want me." He said I saw a smirk growing.

"I don't want you." I said moving back

"I love when you deny it." He said I moved away from him

"How do I know you don't want me?" I said he raised a brow.

"I mean in your sleep you cuddled me." I said

"That doesn't mean anything love." He said

"It does and you know it does." I said

"Do you know what the signs to wanting someone is?" He asked

"Well apparently I forgot, please refresh my mind." I said he smirked

"Wanting someone means you feel a tingly feeling in your stomach, right there." He said pointing to my stomach I felt the tingles.

"Wanting someone is like whenever they touch you everything in your mind just doesn't matter anymore." He said he ran his hand up my exposed arm. My mind only focused on his soft hand sliding up the cold skin of my arm.

"Wanting someone is when whenever they talk you take in all their features, your most looked at would be my lips." He added

"Your lips?" I said he nodded

"When have I ever looked at your lips?" I said resisting the tempting urge to look at them.

"Whenever you get the chance. They saw the lips are the path to the soul or the heart." He said ran his index fingertip over my bottom lip. My breath hitched.

"And when met with another pair sparks ignite the soul and make the heart skip a beat. Only if it's the one you want." He said "or the one you need." He added

"I don't want or need you." I said he chuckled

"Em, don't pretend you didn't just feel all of that." He said

"Well it seemed like you know the feeling." I said

"I do actually, quite well." He said

"For who? Melanie?" I asked raising my brows

"No.. This girl tends to have this annoying habit of making me feel so attracted to her. We have nothing in common. She's always grouchy, I'm always living life for the moment. She gives a shit about school and college and I don't give any shits about all of it. She denies the fact she wants me even though I can see it in her eyes." He finished. Silence fell.

"Did you just describe me?" I asked he nodded

"You're attracted to me?" I asked

"I thought that was a given." He said I found myself started to smile. I stopped myself

"So, you want me?" I asked


"Well it's a shame I don't want you back.." I trailed off

"Oh shut up." Louis breathed out and slipped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled our lips together. When our lips met my insides exploded. I didn't back out. I heard the sound of the mechanical garage door open, I pulled away

"Oh no." I said

"What?" Louis asked

"My parents.. I heard the garage." I said

"Are you sure? I didn't hear anything.."

When I heard the garage door open and close I looked back at Louis.

"I heard that one, where do I go?" He asked

"Uh.. Um.. Closet." I said he nodded rushing across my room he slipped into my closet. Shutting the door my bedroom door opened. I acted like I was just walking towards it.

"Hey honey, how are you?" My mom asked

"I'm fine, how's uncle Ernie?" I asked

"He's feeling better.. He broke his leg and sprained his wrist. He had to get surgery on his knee but the doctors are saying he'll he okay." My Dad says

"Sorry about leaving you here last night, it was last minute. I hope you're not too upset with us." My mom said

"No, it's alright." I said

"What's that?" My dad asked pointing to my bed

"What's what?" I asked I turned and followed his finger. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Louis' black beanie sitting there on one of my pillows.

"Isn't that the boy next door's?" My mom asked

"Um, yeah. Louis leant it to me cause I was having a bad hair day." I said

"Oh, that was nice of him." She said I nodded

"Well I trust you have lots to do this weekend, we'll leave you be." My dad said I nodded after they closed my door I waited a few seconds then walked over to my closet. I opened the door seeing Louis' blue eyes he chuckled and walked over taking his beanie and slipping it on.

"So, do you have stuff to do this weekend?" He asked

"No why?"

"The others and I were meeting up at a comic store downtown, it has a cafe in the back... Wanna come?" He asked

"Ugh, sure." I said

"Alright I'll just go, just text me and I'll come a knockin." He said

"I've got a better idea." I said I tugged the beanie off his head.

"I'll get ready, my excuse for leaving is I'm returning this lovely beanie. Then you invited me out to a bookstore/coffee shop. Deal?" I said he thought it over.

"Alright. Hurry we might be late." He said I nodded

He opened my window and looked down

"I don't think you can make that without getting hurt." I said

"That's why I'm climbing down the tree." He said I nodded I watched him nervously drop from my window onto the low tree branch. I rushed over and looked out. Louis looked up at me and gave me a thumbs up. I shook my head and walked into my closet. Changing into black jeans and a light red tshirt and white cardigan I tied up a pair of white keds and went into the bathroom. I brushed my hair out and applied a little bit of makeup. I held Louis' beanie in one hand and put my purse on my shoulder with the other hand.

I walked down the steps.

"Mom, Dad I'm going to return Louis' hat." I said

"Alright don't be out too late!" My mom called back from the kitchen. I crossed my lawn onto Louis' and stepped up onto the porch and rang the doorbell. Louis was at the door almost immediately and dragged me away from his porch in a hurry.

"What's going on?" I asked

"Nothing." He said I quickly sent the excuse text saying Louis invited me out to lunch.

He took his beanie from my hands putting it on.

"How far is this place?" I asked

"A 15 - 20 minute walk." He said

"One of us really needs to get a car." I said

"What's wrong? Don't like physical activity?" He asked

"It's not bad." I said he chuckled

"Hey Louis!" He turned around and immediately pulled me into him once more.

"What is it?" I asked he fake laughed like we were joking around

"Dustin." He said under his breath to me

"Oh crap."

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