Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?



Emma's POV

"What are we doing today?" I asked Louis and Niall as we walked out of our last class of the day. 

"Well we're having movie night so.. Are you still coming?" He asked me I nodded we didn't have to go to my locker because I brought all my stuff in my bag to each class. We went to our usual doors.. Me, Louis and Niall stood and waited for the others. Harry and Zee we're first to meet us then Sofia and Melanie came with Zayn last but not least were Liam and Vanessa. 

"Oh yeah.. Guys I'm not coming to movie night.." Niall said we all looked at him 

"Why not?" Louis asked 

"Cause.. I um have a date." He said Louis looked back at Harry we all glanced at each other before Harry was the first to burst out in laughter. 

"Good one Niall. Just trying to skip out on movie night so you don't cry again?" Louis teased

"Hey! Takers is a really sad movie." Niall protested Louis looked at me and laughed putting his hand under my undone hoodie rubbing my back. 

"Ok if you actually have a date, What's her name?" Harry asked 

"Bella" Niall said 

"Ok Stephanie Meyer..." Harry said 

"I've met her before. She's in my cooking class." Zayn said sticking up for Niall. 

"Well are you coming over for a bit then?" Louis asked Niall nodded on our way there Liam put his arm around Niall's shoulders his other hand linked with Vanessa's. I hadn't really heard Vanessa say a word yet.. Liam too. I guess they both had quiet personalities. 

Louis put his arm around my shoulders. I looked up at him that black beanie covering up his head again. He had a fluffy fringe coming out but that's all I saw. 

"When are you going to take that thing off?" I asked 

He shrugged, I smiled 


There was a heated argument going on between movies to watch tonight and everyone was shouting I was laughing as they all yelled. Niall left about an hour ago and ever since then everyone was arguing. 

"Why don't we just watch both of the movies?" I asked Louis stopped and looked at me Harry looked over at me from his sofa he was practically always on. Every one stared at me.

"Just a suggestion." I said 

"What we have done without you?" Zayn said. He wasn't part of the argument like me. 

"Wasted all your movie time arguing." I said 

"Which movie do we watch first then?" Harry asked before they could start shouting again I cut in 

"Rock, Paper, Scissors." I said Louis and Harry reached across the table. Louis won meaning we were watching The Amazing Spider-Man first. I laid down leaning my back on the arm of the couch when Louis left to put the disk in. 

"I got the special edition.." He announced 

"No one cares" Harry said his head resting on Zee's lap

"Harry.. suck my dick." Louis said 

Harry smirked 

Louis saw me laying on the couch and laid down.. His back against my stomach. The movie started. I really wanted to play with Louis' hair but the damn beanie was in the way. I lightly pulled on it and Louis arched his back looking at me, I gave him an innocent look. 

He turned around again then lifted the beanie off his head. He handed it back to me I smiled and put it on my head. He dragged the blanket that was over the back of the couch and covered us. I put my hands in his hair and started to play with it. It was soft. 


As the credits of the second movie rolled up I looked at the time noticing it was 11:05. The time I was supposed to be home was 11:15. 

"Louis I need to go home now." I said He nodded

"Guys I'm just going to walk Em home and I'll be back." He said 

"Dude she lives right next to you." Harry pointed out 

"So?" Louis said Harry just looked up at Zee and back at the screen. 

Louis and I walked up the stairs. Before we left I took Louis' beanie off my head and put it back on his fixing his fringe. He walked me down to the sidewalk and through the opening of the white picket fence barricading my lawn. He walked me up to the door and pecked my cheek.

"I'll be here tomorrow morning." He said 

"Usual time?" I asked he nodded I looked up at him and he just gave me a small smile. 

"I really don't wanna leave you." I admitted 

"I can tell" He said I leaned up and kissed his lips a short one but it was enough to encourage me to go inside. 

As soon as I got up to my room I received a text. 

"Miss you already :3 -L" I smiled 

"Miss you too! :p" 

Our conversation continued until I had to go to sleep. 

"See you tomorrow morning Em. :) Goodnight." 

"Goodnight Lou :)" 

I locked my phone plugging it in to charge. 

I closed my eyes and held my blankets close to my chin snuggling up. 

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.. I can just feel it.

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