Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?



Maisie's POV

Once again, I wasn't talking to Louis anymore. I haven't talked to him or even seen him in 5 or 6 days. I looked at the clock 10:36 it was getting late. I looked out my window the sky was pitch black.

I heard the sound of Louis' skateboard. I looked back at my computer. I was typing a message to my best friend back home when I heard his skateboard screech. I looked back and saw Louis on the corner of my driveway.

I laughed to myself.

Hope it hurt. I noticed he wasn't moving. I watched him for a few moments. He turned onto his back. He coughed and I noticed the blood coming out of his mouth. As if I wasn't controlling my body anymore I flew out of my chair and ran down the stairs. Throwing the door open I ran down the drive falling to Louis' side.

"Louis!" I cried undoing his sweater. The blood was soaking his grey shirt.

"Em.." He coughed out.

"What happened?!" I asked frantic I lifted up his shirt and saw the small slit. A stab wound. I quickly looked around

"Who did this to you?" I asked

He put his bloody hand on my cheek.

"Help! Somebody help!" I screamed out

"No no.. Don't die." I said taking his hand I took off my cardigan and bunched it holding it against Louis' wound. He had tears in his eyes.

"Don't die!" I commanded him. I wiped the blood from the sides of his mouth.

"You'll be okay." I said

"Help!" I screamed with all my might. I took Louis' hand off my cheek and held it in my own. He looked up at me shaking.

"I'm sorry.." He whispered

I leaned down at kissed him lightly

"Don't be sorry, everything is okay. You're gunna be okay." I said my parents rushed out, they saw Louis and my dad ran for his house.

"Emma." Louis said

My attention dropped down to him again.

"Dustin.." He said

"He did this to you?" I asked

"Emma what is going on?!" I my mom asked panicked

"He's been stabbed Mom. Call 911 what the hell are you doing?" I hissed at her. I looked down at Louis and pulled his head onto my lap. He was starting to bleed through my cardigan.

"Oh god.." I sobbed

"Please no.. Don't take him away..." I whispered against Louis' hair.

"Are you praying?" He asked

"I'm trying to." I said

"God isn't going to help me Emma..." He said

"Don't say that. You're good Louis. You're good." I said and sobbed violently

"Emma.. I feel cold.." He said

"Is this what death is?" He asked looking up at the stars.

"No. You're not dying on me Louis. No." I said

"I hope you're right.. I'm not ready to stop bothering you." He said I laughed through my tears.

"Do you wanna know something?" I said

"Sure." He said lowly

"You can never bother me.. Every time you're around me it makes me so happy." I said he smiled and started to cough.

"Good to know." He said

"But I bet you aren't to happy right now eh?" I hugged him close I kissed his temple. He started to cough again.

"Emma.. No I feel it." He said

"No Louis don't you dare!" I yelled I heard the sirens. The ambulance flew around the corner. It stopped on the side of the road, within minutes Louis was on the stretcher.

"Go with him." Louis' mom said. I looked at her weirdly

"We're driving with your parents." She said I nodded I got into the ambulance and took Louis' hand. I noticed it was cold. It also had no life to it.

"Oh my god! I think he stopped breathing!" I cried out he paramedics were on it as soon as I said it they checked his heart beat and all the sudden they were pulling out chest paddles. I sobbed violently and everything felt so hazy..

"1, 2, 3.. Clear!" I closed my eyes wishing this night never existed.. I wish I could go back to fighting Louis in grocery stores and hanging out with him as he smoked his head off.

"No response." I heard someone say

"Try again."

"1, 2, 3.. Clear!"

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