one year ago I ran into a member from the biggest boy band on earth.I was at a high class bar with my friend Kelly when I ran into Liam payne.Later that night me and liam you no....had some fun and now a year later I have a 1 year old little girl named Lola. I live with my friend Kelly in a two bedroom apartment in california. Im only 17 but when I first became pregneat I was 16. Kelly has been trying to get me to contact liam but im way to scared for that, until I run in to him agin at starbucks. Then from that point on my life went from bad to worse.....until I meet Harry..................


5. A/N


 Okay so I have all the parts that I need and just to give you a heads up liams gf is gonna have a really big part in this story:)

Thank you all for commenting and like'in it means a lot :)

Here are the people that got the parts

liams gf: Sameerah who is also Harry's best friend

Nialls gf: Shakra Ahmed

Harrys gf: Makayla Vanderkooi

louis gf: Autumn Tram

zayns gf: Kayleigh

Thanks love ya all :)


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