A fanfic about Niall and a girl, Natalia, meet through becoming neighbors when Natalia's family move in from the U.S! He has nobody to hangout with at the moment and she has no friends in Ireland so it comes to them hanging out! Read the fanfic to find out all the details and much, much more!



Natalia's POV

We were about to turn in to the parking lot of Nandos when Niall started to speak,"Natalia? Can I ask you something?" "Um sure?" I said a little worried. "Look I hate to say this but....." He paused which scared me a whole lot. "What Niall, but what?" I said really worried now. "It's just that when we get in there you will need to wear sunglasses and cover your face will you please do it?" I looked at him and said,"Why?" All he said back was something about paparazzi and fans but I couldn't hear him over the loud screaming girls that had signs that said something about Niall and loving him. I was really confused but all he did was throw some sunglasses and a hoodie and me. I quickly put them on and followed him into the restaurant. We sat down at our table and I took my sunglasses off because I was confused by why he and I had to wear all this junk. I said,"Niall, do you wanna explain anything to me?"

Niall's POV

I looked at her and explained everything. EVERYTHING! "Look I'm in a famous band, One Direction. Our fans aren't very understanding about us being with a girl so if I were to walk in here without my sunglasses and hoodie I would get caught and you would get so much hate and death threats so I didn't want that to happen." She nodded but said," Well why do I have to wear this stuff?" I told her," If you were to be seen here with a mysterious person and then we ended up hanging out together and letting everyone know that we are friends they would know that it was me that you were with today and then they would start saying crap which truly I don't know how they start these rumors that say that we were on a 'date' or something they would send you more hate than ever so this is sorta protection." She just nodded and was going to say something but a woman came up and asked us what we wanted to order.

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