A fanfic about Niall and a girl, Natalia, meet through becoming neighbors when Natalia's family move in from the U.S! He has nobody to hangout with at the moment and she has no friends in Ireland so it comes to them hanging out! Read the fanfic to find out all the details and much, much more!


2. Meeting

Natalia's POV

I finally got cleaned up so I decided to out and was in the middle of shutting the garage door with the keypad lock when there was a tap on my shoulder. I thought it was my younger brother, Kendall, so I said," What do you want, I'm busy?" In the rudest tone of voice. Finally I turned around to tell him off even more when I suddenly saw that this in fact was a blonde haired cute guy with eyes that any girl back home would melt from the sight of. I suddenly flashed back to reality by saying," I am so sorry I thought you were Kendall, my brother." "It's ok I've done the same thing before." At that moment he smiled and I realized, I am not going to melt in front of him. So instead of letting the moment stay awkward I said," Well, I'm Natalia , and you are? "Niall, I'm your neighbor." I said,"Well do you have a car that I can get to town in?" " I do but I don't know if I can trust you yet so I'll drive you around." "You sure?" "Completely, now get in." We drove around for a while and listened to the radio occasionally singing along but other than that not talking so I decided to break the ice.

Niall's POV

As we were sitting in the car it was dead silent. It wasn't a comfortable silence! I was kinda bored so I was about to say something when I hear her say something. She says,"So, I know I just wanted to go around town but I heard about this place, Nandos, I think that's the name but I was wondering if we could go there and hang out?" I didn't hesitate to say," Nandos! That's where we are going!!" Natalia looked at me like I was crazy but then just turned her head and looked out the window. I giggled to myself because she was so cute when she did that look! It made me feel like I wanted to kiss her, I don't know why though. We came to a stoplight and as I sat there I turned my head a little to look at Natalia but she was already staring at me. I said,"You know it isn't very nice to stare at people." She said,"Sorry, it's just that I was thinking to myself why would this guy give me a ride anywhere? I mean I don't even know him but then I was about to think about another thing but then you interrupted me so now I think u should drive because the light just turned green." I was laughing because I just started to think about what she said and I don't even know why I did, maybe it's because I'm a great guy or maybe I like her which I wanna go with the nice guy thing but really it's both and that can't be good because I've always tried to stay away from love and being with someone and truthfully I don't know why I'm afraid of it. It could just be that I'm afraid of getting hurt but it could also be because I just can never find that one girl who doesn't annoy me with her talking and fangirling or her shyness that makes her not talk to me but this girl I don't know I think she could be the girl I've been waiting for but I'm not going to start saying she is because I have only known her for about an hour and a half.

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