A fanfic about Niall and a girl, Natalia, meet through becoming neighbors when Natalia's family move in from the U.S! He has nobody to hangout with at the moment and she has no friends in Ireland so it comes to them hanging out! Read the fanfic to find out all the details and much, much more!


1. New Begining

Natalia's POV

"Mom, where did you put the boxes with my clothes in at," I asked. "It's still in the truck, honey." Man, I know this is supposed to be a fresh start in a new place but really, why drag me away from the U.S where I had friends and really everything a 19 year old girl needs? God, this might be something good or it might not I'm hoping for good but it probably won't happen the way I want it to.

Niall's POV

"Hey man, I wanted to know if you wanted to come over and hang out or something text back when you get this." "God, I am so desperate to hang out with someone I could hang out with a tree," I said aloud to myself. I am soooooo bored I could hang out with a tree. Yeah, it has come to that!

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