Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


8. Stupid Tupid - Adwr

     ~ Chapter Seven ~

The possibility of sleep was about as real as the possibility of my step-father handing me all his food. Or even a crumb. I hadn't slept a wink since Grazyna and I arrived on this stupid planet. Nightmares of my dad are reoccurring even when I'm awake. I'm terrified to even think about what would happen if I actually attempted sleep.

     We've only been here three days, four once day breaks. Personally, I wanted to be trying to get to Oraks now. I knew Grazyna wasn't sleeping; she was probably thinking about whatever-the-heck-happened-to-me because of the Nohtyp. (It's a bit of a blur.)

     The sun was slowly rising when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Feigning the act of just waking up, I sat up, and turned to Grazyna, who gasped when she saw me.

     "What is it?"

     "You didn't sleep last night" 

     "No" I admitted.

     "You're not the only one, Adwr"

     "We - We should get going. We still have a ways to go before we get to Oraks." I stood up, wobbling slightly from my lack of sleep. Fortunately, Grazyna didn't notice. She was busy collecting our food rations, her stalagmite, and my dagger, which she handed to me along with the compass.

     Once we had our stuff, we continued the journey.




     Our journey was pretty much like school. Dull, boring, and slow-going. That is, at least, until noon.

     "So, um, Adwr, I got a question."


     "Um, what's been your deal lately?"

     "What do you mean?"

     "Well, you've been, um, kinda, well," Grazyna said, beating around the bush. "snappy and more secretive and stuff."

     "I don't know what you're talking about."

     "Stop lying. You know exactly what I'm talking about."

     "No, pretty sure I don't. You're just being paranoid."


     Did you seriously just say "Paranoid," Adwr? I thought. Obviously, lack of sleep makes me want to argue with myself as well as my best friend.

     Digging myself deeper into the hole I was already stuck in, I replied to Grazyna with, "Yes. Paranoid."

      Grazyna's hair turns blue, and her eyes looked at the ground, in a manner that just screamed, "How rude!" in the most sad way possible.

     "Look, I'm sorry. I've just been stressed and you're... Tupid!"

     "Stupid?" Grazyna yelled, her hair making a complete U-Turn from blue to red.

     "Not stupid! I said 'Tupid!' " I pointed behind her at a gargantuan Tupid, which is pretty much the same as a dragon, but furry, and instead of breathing fire, it has the ability to shoot a very poisonous gas out from it's hands - paws. Whatever. Either way, if someone breathes it in, they die. But, it's not a painful death at least, unlike if someone was to get touched by the acidic blood of the Tupid.

     Grazyna jumped into action automatically, while I took cover, cowering behind a bush. She took a slash at it with her stalagmite, but missed completely. The Tupid roared a horrible roar, before trying to lunge at her, but she rolled out the way, swiping again. She looked at me, her eyes messaging, "Help me!"

     Taking a deep breath, I jumped from my hiding spot, waving my arms up and down and yelling (with great regret), "Over here, Ugly!" The Tupid bore it's razor sharp, yellow teeth at me, snarling, as I ran towards the tree that was twenty or thirty feet away. "Hurry up, Grazyna! If this stupid Tupid kills me, I'm going to come back just to haunt you!"       

     Grazyna looked at me, yelled, "Shut up!" and took a few steps back from the Tupid, probably trying to take advantage of the time I was buying her to actually think of a plan instead of her usual diving right in.
     I made it to the tree, and not even a second after I began to relax, my hiding spot was quite literally ripped away from me. The Tupid had just tore the tree out from the soil, roots and all. "Oh! Come on!" I yelled, dodging another lunge from the demonic thing. "Grazyna! I really, really hate you right now!"

     "You'll get over it!" came a shout from the Tupid. For a moment, I thought the Tupid was replying to me. But then I saw Grazyna, who was clinging on the Tupid's neck, climbing up it. "Keep distracting it!"

     I kept running around, but I soon began to tire. The Tupid noticed this and took the opportunity to attack. It lunged forwards and about foot from my face, it suddenly stopped, giving me the chance to get out the way. Once I could see it from a different angle, I realized why I was just spared. Grazyna just used the stalagmite to stab it in the head, where instead of a brain, held a nerve that controls its movements. It was paralysed. 

     Grazyna was raising the stalagmite to stab it again, when I yelled, "No! You'll get blood everywhere!"

     "Blood? What does that matter?" she asked, looking at the stalagmite in her hand.

     "It's filled with toxins!"

     "Is the blood white?"

     "Yeah! Why?"

     "Well-" she began before she fell off. I rushed over to her. She had a white liquid all over her wrist.


     Think! Think, Adwr! I yanked at my (now purple) hair, like I always do when I'm thinking hard. Suddenly, I got an idea. I unlatched and took off my belt.

     Between sickening coughs, Grazyna said, "What - the heck - do you think you're - doing?"

     "I'm going to pretend that you didn't just say that," I told her (slightly wanting to throw up at the idea of what she was suggesting she thought I was going to do). I took her arm, careful not to touch the blister that was forming (the Tupid's blood was already beginning to seep in). I wrapped the belt around her arm. "Hold it tight, Grazyna." I handed her part of the belt, so she could make a make-shift tourniquet of sorts.

     I pulled the dagger out my pocket and used my free hand to grab Grazyna's hand. I warned Grazyna, "This will probably hurt, but not as much as the alternative." I took the dagger and put a slit in the blister where the blood had gotten on her. A mix of white and blue blood poured out of it.

      I'm going to miss this shirt, I thought as I took of my hoodie, so I could tear off the sleeve of my favorite shirt. Well, not favourite anymore.

     I tied the sleeve around her wound like a bandage and leaned back against a big rock. Soon, Grazyna's breathing returned to normal. "Thanks," she whispered, still slightly shaken.

     "Well, that was fun."

     "Easy for you to say! You weren't the one with a billion toxins flowing through your bloodstream." I helped Grazyna get up, and I let her use me to balance as we began walking west yet again. "Adwr, how did you know that would work?"

     "Would you be mad if I said I didn't know?"

     "Very," she replied playfully, with a hit in my gut. She laughed. "Stupid Tupid."

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