Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


15. Golden doors - Grazyna

~ Chapter Fourteen ~


At first, seeing Adwr drop to the floor felt like the moment where you fall down a step and your heart totally exaggerates the shock. Then, as I looked at his chest, It was the moment after, when you realise your heart is incredibly stupid.


"Stand back, please!" ushered a tall Arzaakian doctor, shoving me aside as he pushed a wheeled hospital bed through the golden doors of the royal surgery unit. Stumbling in after them, I said

"So...He will be okay? No major damage, right?". Without even glancing my way, the doctor said briskly

"He will no longer posses a second kidney, but yes, he will be more or less unscaved". Laughing, I said

"Looks like a gun can do more damage in a nanosecond than a Nohtyp, Arbok and rose bush can in a week!". There was no reaction to this from either the doctor of the nurse. 

"He will be unconscious for a short period due to shock, then you can-" his voice trailed off alarmingly, and i ran over to them.

"Oh dear, that doesn't look good" muttered the doctor as he examined the gunshot area.

"I'm afraid that your friend may have broken his ribs, which means major surgery to be done if we have a single hope of recovery". I eased my muscles up and said

'You scared me there! That's not bad, right?...Right, Doc?". No answer.



"Grazyna?" squeaked a  timid little voice from behind. I spun around and almost fell over my own feet at the bewildering sight of my mother, her usually ginger hair gone tinted blue.

"Mum?" I said after the shock died down. She suddenly hugged me tightly and, miraculously, I hugged her back. 

"Oh, Darling!" Mother said as she broke from the heartfelt embrace.

"I was so worried when I look out of the window and saw that you were climbing into a dark hovercar. I was going to run after you but I felt paralysed. Soon after, I got a ICM saying that you had been recruited by the Queen for an important mission! I was so ready to storm up to the palace and beat some sense into her! I'm just glad that you're safe!". She hugged my again and then turned to the hospital bed.

"I was called up here by the Queen, she told me what happened. I'm so so sorry about Adwr, love". At this, I felt a tickling sensation in my eyes, but blinked and kept a straight face. Putting a grazed hand on her shoulder, I comforted Mother and said

"Adwr will be okay, Mum. He can't die, He's just...Asleep"

"Why, what about his ribcage, then?"

"He doesn't need a cage, He'll be fine!"

"Ah, yes, I forgot you never listened in med class" Mother said, sighing. "Darling, a 'rib cage' is what protects the heart, lungs and a bit of stomach from damage. Here, see?" She prodded my chest and I felt bone tightly underneath my pale skin. 

"Still, it's not impotant, right?"

"Well, let's say that I punched you-" I quickly covered up my chest with my arms.

"No, not literally, Let us just say that I punched you. Without your rib cage, it would damage your lungs, your heart-"

"Then I'll just make sure Adwr isn't punched!" I said fiercly, "Look, I don't know WHAT you're playing at, but Adwr will be O.K.! You don't know ANYTHING about him!". My mother sighed. What's with all the sighing? I thought furiously.

"It's not like that, Love. Adwr couldn't be allowed to fall over, be pushed, trip, bang into anything- It's not so simple". Clenching my fists, I spun back around and had my back to her. She doesn't have a clue what she's talking about! I thought angrily. I had that same tickling sensation in my eyes, and this time a drop of salty liquid oozed from the corner. I wiped it and said

"Can I just sit here alone for a bit?". 

"Of course, darling. Have as long as you want" Mother said kindly. I sat down at the end of the bed and looked at Adwr's sleeping face. Sleeping face. I thought. 

"Adwr? Wake up, bozo!". I shook his body slightly.

"Huh?" came a small voice. The voice was strangled, pain-filled, but thank goodness, it was Adwr's. My face lit up spectacularly as his eyelids flickered open. 

"Grazyna? Where are we?" he asked quietly. I put my hand on his arm and said

"Don't worry, bud, we'll be out of here faster than you can say-"

"Elderberry wine?". I looked around quickly to see the Queen standing regally, holding up a glass of Elderberry wine. She passed it to me and I accepted it gratefully. I was about to take a swig when she said alarmingly

"That's for the boy! It'll do him some good, worked wonders on myself". Her delicate hand smoothed her silky hair. She looked slightly scruffy, rather unusual for royalty. I pulled down Adwr's chin and poured the misty golden liquid into his mouth. He swallowed sleepily when suddenly his eyes flew open. 

"Feeling better then?" I asked happily. He smiled and said

"You bet". He tried to sit up, but groaned.

"Your ribs are broken" I said sombrely. Adwr frowned depressingly.

"Not broken, fractured. I spoke with the doctor" the Queen formally said. I let out a big, deep breath and factually said

"Well, I guess that means a quicker recovery". I tiredly got up and said. 

"So, can he go home now?"

"After a bit of rest, definitely. I really would kill myself if he gets any more hurt" said the Queen. I smiled and turned to speak to Adwr, but he was fast asleep.

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