Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


3. Courage - Grazyna

~ Chapter Two ~


It was a spectacular morn. The high star was shining cheerfully. The entire town of Termin was lit up beautifully, without any lamps lit. I picked up a dropped stitch in my sewing and crossed my legs boredly. Sewing is such a bore but there wasn't school that day, at least not for me,  so I had nothing to do. I picked up yet another dropped stitch and continued to gaze wistfully out of the window. 

"Ow!" I exclaimed in pain. I had just pricked my finger, and blue liquid started to ooze from the tip. I started to suck at it, and then my mother walked in

"Grazyna, what on Marklar do you think you are doing? Get your finger out from your mouth at once!"

"Ma, I pricked it, see?" I said, thrusting my bleeding finger at her

"Yeuch," she said. "Put it away you disgusting little girl". She hurried hastely into the food keep and started to cut bread. My long hair got caught in my eyes. It was a pale blue.


"Yes, Grazyna?"

"Can I please go outside? I bet Adwr will be out of school by now."



"NO Grazyna" My mother's hair had turned bright orange. 

"I won't be annoying when I'm outside". My mother's hair turned red.

"Okay, Okay! I won't ask again". I continued with my sewing, and by then I was sure that I would not be having any fun today.

And then my Com-De, short for communication device, started to beep. I ran over to it, hoping it was who I thought it was. I looked at the Communicator Identification hopefully. Yes! It was Adwr. But, something was wrong. The Com-De only beeps if the call is urgent. But what could Adwr possibly need to call me about that was urgent? I picked up the receiver and spoke.

"Adwr? What's the matter?" I said slowly into the talk piece.

"Grazyna, it's the qu-queen". He was stuttering worryingly, which he only does when he's very scared. I was imagining his hair turning white when suddenly I exclaimed

"The Queen?"

"Yes, th-the queen. She wants us, uh, me to go to Lichsnoff and find the Gem."

"Cha-Yeah right! Why doesn't she just send her troops to find the Gem?"

"There's an age lock"

"Why do you need me?"

"Well, I said-I said that I wouldn't go without...without you. You are the more courageous one". I smiled smugly and replied.

"So you want me to go instead?"

"Well, not exactly."

"Well then, what exactly?"

"Well, I am the more - more educated one. So, uh, we both have to. I mean, only if you want-" There was muffled speech in the background. Adwr didn't continue his sentence for a full minute.

"Adwr? You still there?" 

"Yeah," he said. "I meant you have to."

"Who's that in the background?"

"I told you, the queen. She says a true hero needs brains AND courage."

"As in Queen Layora?"

"Who else?"

"Okay, fine. But how do I get there?"

"Um, let me ask." Some more muffled sounds later, he replied.

"The General is going to go to your house and pick you up. I've told them your address."

"What General?" 

"It's sort of a long story. He's on his way now." Adwr hung up. Three words still rang proudly in my head.

The courageous one

brains and COURAGE




In about an hour, I arrived at the palace.

"Gee, this place is fancy" I said excitedly "Is this were the queen lives?"

"No, this is her storage room. What do you think?". I hung my head and started to walk up the steps.

"Stand up straight child!" the General snapped . I quickly straightened my back and held my head high, only to trip on the bottom of my dress and fall down the other half of the stairs.

"Oh, you idiot child" he said.

"Hey! I'm not a child! I'm eighteen!"

"Oh goodie for you, but you're still an idiot," the General said sarcastically. He ran back down the steps and helped me up. I made it to the door this time and the General opened the door for me to go in. I walked in and almost slipped on the freshly waxed floor.

"Maybe put some carpets down?" I said to the Queen, who was sitting on her throne watching me with one eyebrow raised. She then laughed and said,

"You must have courage to say such things to a queen!". Great. Now I can tell my kid that the first thing I ever said to the queen was "Maybe put some carpets down". I smiled unsurely and walked up next to Adwr. 

"Well? what now?"

"You two" The General said behind us, making us turn around "are going to come with me. I'll show you where to go".


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