Niall Horan fanfic


1. Chapter 1

~Chapter One~

Eyes open...birds singing, sun shinning through the everyday morning. Hi I am Ariel..Ariel Brooks and this is my story.

"Ari" Ariel's father called for his 17 soon to be 18 year old daughter just like every other morning with a big smile on his face as he read the news paper just like every other morning. Just hearing his voice made Ariel's day. Ariel ran down the stairs squeezing her father in a big hug " hi Papa" Ariel loved her dad because he was not only her father but her bestest friend also. She loved him more then anyone on the whole planet. " hello sweetie" her father replied kissing her on the forehead. Ariels father was a police officer so she didn't really get to see him as much as before but she was proud of him for putting his life in risk to safe innocent people but there was always this worry in her heart that he might not come back home the next night. But she always pushed it aside because she knew her dad loved his work and that he was truly happy with what he does. "So papa do you have work today" Ariel asked hoping for a no because she wanted to spend sometime with him " yes princess but don't worry I don't have a night shift tonight so I will be coming home" even though she was sad she put a smile on her face so her dad didn't feel bad " okay then we can have a movie night right?" She squealed. " of course! I will bring dinner on my way home and you can pop up some popcorn" Ariel's dad said as he got up of the couch getting his work stuff together ." okay bring Chinese I am in the mood for Chinese!" Mr brooks nodded kissing Ariel's head before heading for the door " bye sweetie" he waved at Ariel one more time before going out the door into his car and out of the drive way " bye papa!" Ariel shouted one last time before closing the door and walking back inside.


~Niall's P.O.V~

" Flight 867 going to New York City Boarding now" looks like its time to leave. I got my things together and saw that the boys were doing the same " okay lads we've gotta move are you guys all set" Paul asked as we stood up nodding yes. After getting into our sits on the plane I took out my phone looking throw twitter before an air attendance told us to turn our phones off. After turning my phone off I looked out the window as the plane started taking of, making everything look no smaller then an ant. I sighed seeing everyone busy doing something "I hope somethings change in my life for the better" I mumbled to myself once again looking out the window.


Ariel's P.O.V

It was already 11pm and dad still hasn't come meaning he had a night shift again. I sighed putting away the popcorn and snacks not wanting to watch anything anymore. After I cleaned up and had put away everything, I went up to my room. I opened the window in my room looking out into the night sky seeing the moon and stars smile brightly at me making me feel a bit better. After staring at the sky for about 30 minutes I got tired of it and was about to close my window when I saw an airplane flying past my house " I hope something's change in my life for the better" I whispered and watched the airplane until i couldn't see it anymore.

And that's the end of the first chapter!! What do you guys thing? Bad, good, interesting or boring? If you liked it please vote!! This is my new story and actually very first story so please read it and vote for it! I will update the next chapter tonight and it will be a lot longer and better then the first!! I promise :) - fituma <3

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