Best Friends

*my first story! Yay!*
Lexi is a pretty regular girl. The only difference is that she's been Harry Styles' Best Friend since she was four. And her dad let before she was born, and her twin sister commited suicide at the age of thirteen. But Harry's always there to help her along the way. Until it's her turn to help him...


5. Three

"Shhhh... Julie. Don't tell anybody, but I think Niall got hit by the love bug!"

"Who does he like?" She asks. I sigh, knowing she's in an all out fangirling session.

"Well, you." I whisper. I see her face in surprise, before she faints. She's breathing, just having a fangirling thing. Niall Horan does like her. If only she knew about the kiss Harry and I shared...

Julie is up and talking, while I'm staring into space, still thinking about Harry....

"You like him, don't you?" She asks.

"Which one?"


"Umm... No comment." I say blushing.

"OMFG! Have you told him?"

"Well, sorta. You can't tell anyone."


"Julie, I'm gonna go meet the lads." I say. She smiles, but still stays in the house. My mom and Oliver are somewhere.

I arrive at Harry's place, where all the lads are going to be.

"Hey! So, what are we doing on this fateful evening?" I ask, walking through the door.

"Just watching The Telly, I guess. The others seem to be absorbed in it. Me, not so much." Zayn says.

"What's on?"I ask.

"Believe it or not, Disney channel."

"Well then scoot over! I love Disney!" 

"Of course you do."

"Well, if you don't like it, then find something to do."

"But what?"

"I don't know. That's why I said 'find.'" I say. He just rolls his head and gets up off the couch. I scoot closer to Harry, absorbed in the show. Harry turns to look at me, surprised.

"When did you get here?" He asks.

"Well, I got here when you told me to come."

"Oh. Yeah. Lads, Lexi is here!"

And, a bear hug. Louis.

"Louis, do not hug so tight. There are times when you have to breath. Right now is one of them." I say, just a bit annoyed.

"Oh. Right. Sorry." Louis replies, brushing me off.

"Hey, Lex." Niall says, still watching Disney.

"Niall, you really should stop watching that. It can be bad for your eyes." I say, shutting it off. He looks at me with disbelief. 

"Why?" He asks, looking heartbroken.

"Harry and I will make you something to eat." I reassure. "Hey, where's Liam?"

"I have no idea." Niall says.

"Wait. Why do I have to cook, too?" Harry asks.

"Because you do." I say. Niall claps. He's going to be reunited with his one true love. Food.

In the kitchen, I start grabbing ingredients for random things.

"I have a question." Harry asks.

"What?" I reply.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He slyly asks.

"I don't know..."

"Really? You'll do this to me?"

"Well, you do have a history..."


"Fine. But break my heart, I'll break your bones." I say, setting food on plates for everyone.

"Okay." He says. I smile, laughing. I bring Niall his food! and he devours it in ten seconds flat. I swear.

"All better, Niall?"

"Yes." He says.

I walk out the door, not wanting to leave Julie alone for too long. Harry follows, like a little pup.

"So, I'll we you later?" He asks.

"Sure. Call me." I say. And this time, it's him who kisses me, I smile, waving as I step into my car. 

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