Best Friends

*my first story! Yay!*
Lexi is a pretty regular girl. The only difference is that she's been Harry Styles' Best Friend since she was four. And her dad let before she was born, and her twin sister commited suicide at the age of thirteen. But Harry's always there to help her along the way. Until it's her turn to help him...


2. One

"So, Harry. Want to go out for coffee tomorrow?" I ask. We're at my house. My mom is out with her new boyfriend, Oliver.

"Sure. Hey, the boys were wondering if you wanted to come over tomorrow."He says.

"Sure! I'd be glad." I happily say.

"Great! We'll have coffee then go to Lou's place." He replies.

"Well, I gotta go, Harry. I'll see you tomorrow at four." I say, heading into the house. I'm glad that Harry and I are best friends. 

After about an hour, my mom arrives.

"Hey, mom. How was your date?" I slyly ask.

"Wel, it went well. We had some coffee." She says, walking to the kitchen. "What should we have for dinner?" She asks. I walk after her, grabbing random food items.

"I'll cook. You go watch something." I start breakfast for dinner. At least it's something, right?


*Four PM the next day*

"Harry! C'mon! We'll order to go. You like tea, right?"


"Good, because are drinks should be ready in a couple minutes I ordered ahead." I look at him, his beanie pulled down to his forhead, wearing a  dark purple hoodie.

"You always think ahead." He chuckles.

"That's me!" I smile. I walk into the building, and pay for our drinks.

"Tea for the Harry. Coffee for the lady." I rhyme.

"Since when do you refer to as lady?"

"Oh, shut up! It was a rhyme! Give me some credit."

"If I have to. Ha. Ha." He says, sarcastically. I lightly slug him.

"You almost done?" I ask, throwing the empty cup of coffee into the trash outside of Lou's and

Harry's house.

"Is she here?" Louis asks, as Harry walks through the door. I follow, and become engulfed in a bear hug. 

"Let her breathe." Harry says, clasping Lou's shoulder.

"Sorry." Lou says, stepping back.

"Hey, it's okay! Where are the other lads?" I ask. Louis points toward the living room.

"We're playing truth or dare. You two up to it?"

"Sure!" Harry and I answer at the same time.

"We have two more players!" Louis yells, while Harry and I sit down.

"Great of you to join us." Niall says. Zayn and Liam nod.

"So, Zayn, it's your turn." Liam says. Zayn thinks a while.

"Louis. Truth or dare?" He asks.


"I dare you to be a toilet paper mummy."

"Well, I'll be in the bathroom if anyone needs me." Lou says.

"Lexi, you play for Lou." Zayn decides.

"Zayn. Truth or dare?"

"Uh... Dare."

"I dare you to go outside and scream: little monkeys dance on my head, lttle monkeys sing on my bed!"

"Ugh. Random." 

Lou walks to us, appearing to have heard the dare.

"Let's all see him do it!" Louis excitedly says. We walk out, and surprisingly Zayn does it. And I just noticed Louis' toliet paper appearance.

"So, Zayn. Your turn." Harry says. 

"Okay, Harry, truth or dare?" Zayn slyly asks.

"Umm... it's usually dare, but you are creeping me out, so truth."

"Do you like Lexi?" 

Harry's face goes red. I smile. Harry stutters.

"Yes. No. Maybe. Um..."

"Don't be chicken." I say, knowing that he's liked me for quite some time.

"Um..." and that's when I do it. I lean forward and kiss him.

After I pull back, Harry gives a clear, "yes." 

"Ooooh!" All the lads say.

"Okay, I get Niall, no offense, but fon't you two have girlfriends? And your engaged, Zayn!" I say. Niall keeps snickerinh, but the rest of the boys blush. Including Harry. I check the time. "Oh. Sorry, guys, but I have to go. See you later!" I say, flinging my red curls behind my shoulders.


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