The lucky fan

Chelsea and Lola are in love with one direction when they go to one directions concert and have VIP passes what happens?? will they fall in love or will it be a total disaster for the two girls!!! Read and find out


2. the concert

Me and Lola were driving to my house and listening to the radio when they announces the first caller would get VIP concert tickets to meet one direction so me and Lola called in

R-radio host M-me

R-Hello u are our 1st caller u have won 2 VIP tickets to see one direction perform live please come to our station to pick up ur tickets may I have ir name and favorite color

M-yes my names Chelsea and my favorite color is blue and red

R-okay thank you see u when u come to pick up ur tickets have a nice day

She hung up and we drive to the station and picked up our tickets for tomorrow night

We drove to my house and eat sandwiches with lemonade. After we done eating we went to my room and go ready to go to the mall. Me and Lola took a shower (not together sickos). I curled my hair ,changed into blue washed ripped jeans a batman crock top that showed my belly button piercing and black combat boots. Lola changed into a black leather skirt and a white crock top that said love in blue leathers with blue feathered earrings and a Side French braid. We got to the mall and went to Hollister forever 21 hot topic Claire's tillys and Sephora.

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