The lucky fan

Chelsea and Lola are in love with one direction when they go to one directions concert and have VIP passes what happens?? will they fall in love or will it be a total disaster for the two girls!!! Read and find out


1. me

Hi my names Chelsea Malik yes I'm zayn Malik's sister blah blah blah I have black straight hair upto my ribcage green eyes and tan skin

Hobbies:cheer softball clubbing

Personality:trouble maker party girl wild and free

I got up went to the restroom took a shower with my strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner shaved and wrapped a big blue fluffy towel around my self I walked to my closet and changed into a pair of lacy black&pink underwear and bra ,black shorts,red boob tube and my black high tops I walked back in the restroom put my red lipstick with a touch if clear lipgloss ,red eye shadow ,and mascara. then I put the curler on and curled my hair after I finished I grabbed my backpack and walked down stairs.I popped a strawberry into my mouth and walked out of the kitchen.i walked out the door and saw Chloe waiting at the bench for the bus so I walked over to her and we talked about our weekend.we got to school and walked down the hall to the gym for cheer practice.we walked in to see blue mats on the floor and all the cheerleaders stretching I changed into my cheer clothes which were a pair off black yoga shorts and a pink shirt that says I dint sweat I sparkle. And walked out to the gym again I stretched and we started warming up jumps tumbling and stunts we made a vote to see if we needed guy cheerleaders to help the team win by having higher leveled stunts so at lunch I went to the boys table and asked if any were interested trey Steven Diego max and Damien said yes so I kissed there checks and walked away I could feel all of the guys eyes on me as I walked so I turned around and said it's not polite to stare rolled my eyes and walked away.

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