Kidnapped by Tomlinson

When 17 year old Ashton was walking home from work one evening, she heard feet scuffling behind her, she didn't really care,, nothing would happen to her, until she felt someone's breath on her neck then a hand with a rag gently covering her mouth she gasps for air, she faints and the last thing she saw was a black van, then blackness. How stupid was she to get kidnapped? Was this a prank? She struggled to think when she could become conscious but that dreadful rag came back each time.


22. New Plans




    Ashton's P.O.V.



  I woke up to see Louis had already got up, since there was a mess of sheets beside me. I groaned as I got up. CrapI only have an hour to get ready! I hurriedly took a shower and did my hair and as I was putting my shoes on, the doorbell rang. I ran down the stairs with one shoe on and one shoe in my hand as I opened the door to see Zayn and a new girl. "Hey Zayn! Who is this?" I looked at the girl, she was very pretty, like almost too pretty for Zayn. "This is Perrie" he smiled. "Wheres?" I raised my eyebrow and he calmly said "With Niall now" He looked not at all mad, a bit relieved, did he never even like her?



Kennedi's P.O.V.



I woke up next to Niall and almost fell off the damn bed, he was watching me sleep! Oh wait, correction, I did fall off the bed. I landed on my back, and that was a good thing but I still groaned "Ow!" I sat up and made my half of the bed. Niall was laying there laughing, I threw my pillow at him "Oh Shut it" I laughed along with him. He laughed and pulled me back onto the bed "So what about a day in bed?" he smirked and I pushed him away, "Ashton is getting fitted for her wedding dress today, we cant" I got away from him and stood back up. It was almost 9! I quickly took a shower and put my wet hair in a messy bun while slipping on a sweater and some tight jeans and finishing it off with my vans. Niall let me see my family, he didn't kidnap me or treat me the way Zayn did, I even introduced him to my parents. They freaked when I said he was from One Direction though, but they liked him alot. 



 "Niall! Come On!" I yelled from downstairs as he dragged himself down the stairs, "Im so hungry I'm gonna die!" He protested but I dragged him out to the car. "I bet Ash and Lou's cook made pancakes!" His face lit up and we got in the car and drove to Ashton's, we made it there in about twenty minutes but my face dropped a little, Zayn was already here. Shit! This was going to be as awkward as fuck! We got out and went to the front door and got invited inside by Ashton "Do you have food?" Niall asked before she could say anything else, "The chef made pancakes" Ash smiled as Niall darted for the dining room, I swear that boy always eats. I looked over to a girl beside Ashton "Who's this?" I smiled and Ash's eyes kind-pf widened "This is Perrie, Zayn's new girlfriend" Ash smiled and I smiled "Perrie you look so lovely! Nice to meet you! I'm Kennedi!" and she smiled and greeted me back, she was nice and I liked her a lot, I'm glad we got along. 



Louis's P.O.V.



I was in the dining room with Zayn when Niall came rushing in , "Niall, mate we have pancakes!" I smiled as he sat down next to me and got three pancakes off the plate in the middle of the table. "I know Kennedi was starving me!" he whined as he put a piece of pancake in his mouth, Oh shit, this must be awkward, Kennedi left Zayn for Niall, and Zayn looked like he was going to kill Niall ever since. Niall didn't notice anything wrong with Zayn, not even once, so he just stuffed his face with pancakes. "I'm gonna go find Ashton" I simply stated and stood up and gave my empty plate to or cleaning lady. I found Ash with a few more girls and I grabbed her arm lightly, "Ash can i talk to you alone for a minute?" I smiled and she nodded as she followed me to the back room. Before I said anything she sighed.


"This was as awkward as fuck" I nodded and she then looked at me "Where were you this morning?" I was taken aback, "I was with my parents, they said they thought they were invading our privacy so they went to a hotel to stay in" I shrugged and she nodded. "Okay" she came over a hugged me, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead. "I have to leave" she simply stated before walking out the room and going back to the girls, I went back in the dining room and there was Liam and Harry. They were all chatting and laughing, and even Zayn looked happy. 



Ashton's P.O.V.



"Ash! That is the dress!" Kennedi squealed, she had become my best friend, along with Perrie and Danielle, Liam's girlfriend, and Bailey, Harry's new girlfriend. I have to say Bailey was really cool and fun to hang around with, she was the perfect girl for Harry, no doubt. They all awed at the dress i had on. "This is perfect!" They all squealed as I spun around in the dress, It was really beautiful, and it fit perfectly! I smiled at all of them and finally said "This is the dress" and I sent back to the dressing room to change and go check out. I finally got everything done, I got the dress, the heels, the Hair Stylist, the cake, The wedding minister, the invites, the location. I finally got time to send with louis and my friends before I get married. 



 Heres the link to the picture of the dress;                I know its long, just copy and paste, 5 comments and 5 new fans for the next chapter, which will be the wedding chapter!

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