Kidnapped by Tomlinson

When 17 year old Ashton was walking home from work one evening, she heard feet scuffling behind her, she didn't really care,, nothing would happen to her, until she felt someone's breath on her neck then a hand with a rag gently covering her mouth she gasps for air, she faints and the last thing she saw was a black van, then blackness. How stupid was she to get kidnapped? Was this a prank? She struggled to think when she could become conscious but that dreadful rag came back each time.


6. New Friends

              So guys I hope you guys are liking it and I do update when you guys ask me too I made this yesterday.



                     Ashton's P.O.V.



                                       A couple of weeks later, I got to learn more about Louis, he is actually nice in a way, just don't get him mad. I couldn't help but think what my life would be like now, I was finally 18 and I figured out Louis was 22, I couldn't help but think why he would want a girl as young as I, but I would let it slide. He grew out his hair some and I like it, where his flip used to be there was a bit of a curl, I thought it was cute, though, he did straighten his hair some days so the flip would be there. I was sitting on the couch when Louis came in, he had just woke up, I've gotten a bit more friendly towards him since he brought my cat, Captain Snuggles.


                                         As if it were his daily routine, Captain Snuggles rubbed up against Louis and purred, Louis liked him a bit and promised not to hurt him, so I took his word on that. Captain Snuggles slept with Louis sometimes, but mainly me since I am his original owner. Louis petted Captain Snuggles, and he purred so loud he sounded like a lawnmower, like seriously. Louis wasn't in a bad mood and he kissed my cheek, I was still a bit tense around him but I've been obeying him so I think I'm fine, the scar finally went away too, along with the bruise. Louis held his head a little, he liked drinking, I found out, so I went in the kitchen and got him some painkillers and gave him a glass of water with it. "Thanks" he grumbled and took the pills, about five minutes later he felt better. "Do you want to go see the girls today?" he looked at me "Yeah!" I smiled, the girls were pretty much my only friends so, "Go get dressed then princess" he shooed me off, princess was my nickname for him now, he was an ass but you had to love him.


                                       We pulled into the driveway and Louis came over to open my door, it was turning into October and it was cold and I hadn't brought a jacket, I shivered as I got out and Louis put his jacket around me and we made our way to the front door. Louis had this special knock and when it was over you could hear footsteps running to get the door, it was Niall, he was the only guy friendly to me and was like a brother "Niall!" I smiled and gave him a friendly hug.


           Louis's P.O.V.


                                   Ash gave Niall a hug, while I gave Niall a warning glance and gave me a weird look then mouthed "She's like my sister bro calm down" he mouthed and I gave him a relieved expression, I never let her know it but I really liked her and I have hated hurting her since that slap, but there were a few more after that, after her bruise went away. I hated myself for hitting her, she's so fucking gorgeous I can't help myself, I get so greedy and stuck-up. I at least brought her cat and its things, the cat resembled her, really nice and at first scared, very careful and delicate, that's why I put so much liking into that cat of hers, Ash had already gone upstairs so say hi to the girls and I had shut the door and went into the living room "Louie, mate, where's your jacket?" Harry looked at me "Ash was cold so I gave it to her" I shrugged as I got some "Oohs" from Zayn and Niall. I slapped them, both on the back of the head "Shut up" I wasn't mad but I wasn't happy either.


                                 "Sounds like someone fancies her" Harry said moving his eyebrows up and down, waiting for a hint "I do but I have to give her time to know me, she's still a bit stiff around me" I shrugged and slouched down on the couch, " Just give her that time mate, she'll come through" Liam patted my back and I shrugged and nodded.


              Jacinda's P.O.V.



                                   I was going downstairs to get a water when I head the boys talking about someone fancying someone, and I stopped and put my ear on the wall to listen when I heard Louis speak "I do but I have to give her time to know me, she's still a bit stiff around me" I gasped silently 'They were talking about Ashton! Louis fancies Ashton!!' I silently squealed and walked really fast into the room, they all looked at me puzzled "Did you get the waters?" Atanna looked at me curiously "No even better!" I squealed "What is it?" Shakra looked at me, all eyes were on me as I squealed with excitement.

                                   "LOUIS FANCIES ASHTON!!!" I squealed as all jaws dropped, "I heard them talking about it downstairs!!!!" I squealed again "How do you know it was about Louis?" Tharshana gave me a curious look "Because I listened in on it!!!" I looked at Ash "He said he wants to know you better and- ASH?!" she was standing but she fainted right then and there "Go get the boys!!" Atanna yelled at me. I darted down the stairs and into the living room "Sorry to interrupt but Ash just fainted!!" They immediately got up when I said fainted and I tried to catch my breath and Louis was the first one to dart up the steps, I smiled because I knew he was going to treat her right.


               Louis's P.O.V.



                                       I darted up the stairs after Jacinda told us what happened with the boys behind me, what happened to make her faint? I rushed into the room and the girls exchanged glances and  backed away from her, what had gone on in here? I knelled down beside Ash and checked her pulse, still beating but she looked like she wasn't going to wake up for a while. "I'm taking her home" I looked at everyone "Okay have fun" Zayn smirked, if I could I would punch that boy in the face right now, but I didn't and I picked Ash up bridal style and looked at Niall "Open the door downstairs" He nodded and rushed down the stairs, I walked down slowly, careful with the fragile figure then carried her out the door and laid her in the backseat, I buckled up her legs and torso and then got into the car waved goodbye to the buys who were smirking, and left, I would look at Ash every few minutes to make sure she was alright, then I pulled into the driveway and got her out and laid her on the couch, she felt a bit hot so I put a cold rag on her forehead, What made her faint anyways? She never did this stuff, I soon fell asleep on the floor with the rag still in my hand.



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