Kidnapped by Tomlinson

When 17 year old Ashton was walking home from work one evening, she heard feet scuffling behind her, she didn't really care,, nothing would happen to her, until she felt someone's breath on her neck then a hand with a rag gently covering her mouth she gasps for air, she faints and the last thing she saw was a black van, then blackness. How stupid was she to get kidnapped? Was this a prank? She struggled to think when she could become conscious but that dreadful rag came back each time.


9. New Fights

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                      Liam's P.O.V.


                                     There she just walked in, my little bundle of perfection, How could Lou- oh, wait never mind there he is, what a fool, being a gentleman now isn't going to help you when she'll be screaming my name later. I smirked and walked over and changed the smirk to a smile "Ash! Louis! Glad you could make it!" I invited a lot of people so I could sneak Ash away easily, while Louis would be drunk, I could easily get her to come with me. "Hey!" they both responded at the same time, laughed, then Louie kissed her cheek, 'okay maybe not so easy' I thought 'not if Louis is head over heels for her' I thought as they moved on and I walked somewhere where ash could be at least at the corner of my eye.

                                     They went into the kitchen and Louis offered Ash a drink but she denied but thanked him for his 'generosity', 'psssht generosity my ass, plus I wanted her to remember screaming my name later' I smirked at the idea, she's still a virgin, I could tell she has that aurora. I bit my bottom lip when I looked up from her bum to see Louis giving me a dirty look I widened my eyes meaning I wouldn't do that man! though I would, he might even know that.

                                       About an hour later, I saw Ash going upstairs to use the restroom I went up a few minutes after and she came out and she gave my a friendly hug, I wanted more. "Hey Liam!" she smiled and her lips, damn Louis is missing out, before I could say anything I pinned her up against the wall and started kissing her neck "LOUIS!!" she cried out but the bastard probably couldn't hear "LOUIE!!!!!!!" she yelled again as I moved my lips towards hers and she moved her head away "LOUIS!!!" she screamed this time and I heard heavy footsteps come up the stairs, it was a big man, not Louis though, until someone was right behind him, Louis, she struggled and finally broke free as she ran into Louis's arms "Go find Niall" he said coldly as she nodded and said "Please don't get hurt" he nodded and she went down the stairs, shaken.

                                      I watched her go and didn't see the punch that hit my jaw "WHAT THE HELL MAN THATS MY GIRL!!" Louis yelled in my face as I had fallen, it hurt so much and I still got up and pushed him back "YOU DONT LIKE HER!!!" I spat in his face and punched but missed, uh oh, he's pissed now. He punched me in the stomach "DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT OR DO THAT EVER AGAIN" I crouched down in pain as Louis walked cooly  down the stairs.



               Ashton's P.O.V.



                                    I went down the stairs, what the hell was Liam thinking?! I looked around for Harry and I spotted him with Jacinda and I ran over with my eyes watery "What happened Ashton?" Jacinda looked at me "L-Liam h-he started kissing me and I-I couldn't move and I called for Louis and I think he's gonna beat up Liam and I don't want him to get h-hurt" I blurted out Jacinda wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a hug "You fancy Louis don't you" She said in my ear since it was loud "Yeah" I kinda shouted back rubbing the back of my head "I KNEW IT!!" she squealed then looked away and acted like nothing happened when Louie came back and he pulled me into a hug.

                                   "If he ever does that to you again tell me" he kissed the top of my head and I nodded he looked up at Harry "We're going home" and Harry nodded and Louis grabbed my hand as we left. He opened my door and everything with a smile on his face though I could tell he was mad since he didn't sing along with the songs, leaving us in silence, when we got home he opened the door and went upstairs and I took a shower and changed and got in my bed but couldn't fall asleep.


          Louis's P.O.V.



                                      It was late and I was staring at my ceiling, thinking when Ash came in and stood in the doorway, she wasn't wearing shorts, just a baggy shirt "Louis?" I looked at her "Yeah?" she fiddled with her fingers "C-Can I sleep with you tonight, my rooms cold" I smiled and scooted over some since I was in the middle of my bed and patted the spot beside me and grabbed a pillow and put it on the other side as she smiled and crawled in the bed next to me, it was cold, but that guest bedroom got really cold. She was turned towards me and snuggled up to my chest and fell asleep, soon Captain Snuggles came up and slept on the edge of the bed. I was looking at Ashton, she must really fancy me if she screamed for me to help her, I played with the tips of her hair and then turned off the lamp beside me and fell asleep.


 Oh what happens next which one do you choose #teamashie (ash + louie) or #liash (liam+ ash)   Omg!!!!!! *squeals* -Author (and I will try to write chapters but I dunno if I can this week I'll try though!!!)

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