Timothy is only 14 years old and has a rich family. Rich isn't always perfect. Diving into his life you will reveal things about his past and who he is and why he came to be. He is know as Subzero, but he doesn't know that yet.


1. Below Freezing


He took a deep breath and dove off the side of the boat and into the water. He felt the water engulf him with cold and he shut his eyes, thankful for the silence. His father was always angered so easily and was obsessed with his money while his mother always had something to nag him about and always made him feel terrible. It was December, and his mother and father thought it would be fun to take their big boat up to Alaska. He shivered and curled into a ball. He would let himself sink to the bottom. He decided he would either get pulled out of the water and would come down with a terrible illness or he would freeze to death in a matter of minutes.

"Timothy! Timothy!" His mother shrieked above the water, but he couldn't hear her. He couldn't hear anything.

Something grabbed his arm and his eyes shot open. He looked to his right and a girl was holding his arm.

"It's okay, you can breath now."

He was puzzled. How could she be talking under water and why could he hear her so perfectly? You can breath now? He thought. What does that mean? It was then that he realized his lungs were no longer burning and he was actually warm.

"But how?" He breathed in and convulsed, expecting water to fill his lungs but nothing came. The girl touched his cheek.

"Everyone is like that when they are first chosen. It's okay, breath normally."

"First chosen?" He coughed, still not use to this oddity, and blinked at the girl.

"You will find out soon enough." She assured him. "Your mother is looking for you, you've been under the water for quite some time. I hope to see you again, Subzero. You're a legend."

"Wait, I-" she was gone and he sucked in water. He kicked off the bottom thrusting his way to the surface. As soon as he reached the air, he was coughing and spluttering water everywhere and servants that worked for the family were trying to get him aboard the boat once more.

As he was laid out on the floor his vision started blurring and the girls last words were swirling through his head, causing a massive headache. "…I hope to see you again, Subzero. You're a legend.…"


"Timothy? Timothy! Are you awake?" Timothy's younger sister prodded his side. She cupped her hand over his forehead. "You're still so cold!"

"Timothy!" His mother ran into his room. "What were you thinking, jumping off this boat?! What were you thinking!?"

"What do you care?" He stared at the ceiling but then he heard a loud clap and was staring at the wall with a burning sensation in his cheek.

"What do I care? Timothy you're my child!"

"You wish I wasn't. You always wish I wasn't born." He lowered his eyes to the blanket he was covered in. Actually the blankets. There was a heavy white comfort or covered with a fuzzy soft brown blanket with a red fleece blanket on top of that and a crocheted blanket on top of that. "What's with all the blankets?" He questioned.

His mother had her eyes closed with a hand pinching he nose between her eyebrows and her other hand placed on her hip. "You almost died. You were in freezing water below freezing, and…" she place her hand on his forehead and he flinched at her touch, "your skin is still cold. How do you feel? Do you have a headache? Do you feel sick?"

"I'm fine." Lahr shoved the blankets off and onto the floor.

"Pick those up right now and lay down. I am not going through this with you."

Timothy turned around to face her and spread his arms out to his sides. "Can you make me?" And with that, he turned and walked out of the room and up to the deck.

He had no socks on and was in a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt, yet he didn't feel the nip of the cold Alaskan air on his skin. He gripped the railing and grit his teeth when he heard the thick slapping of his fathers black rubber boots on the smooth slick surface of the deck. As he stared into the water, he made his eyes seem cold and dark so that when he looked at his father, all he would see was hate. Then his expression changed. His eyes were a teal type color and his hair was getting longer. He reached up and lifted his hair from his forehead revealing white hair roots. He let in a slight gasp then his thoughts were interrupted by his father. He was always to busy to notice what Timothy really looked like, so he wasn't concerned if his father would notice a difference. Suddenly, he felt heavy rough hands squeeze his shoulders hard and spin him around.

"What exactly was going through your mind, jumping into freezing water?!"

"It looked peaceful."

"What is that supposed to mean?!"

"I figured I wouldn't have to deal with you or mother."

"Why, that's preposterous! Why would even possess such a thought?!"

"Because neither one of you seem to care anyway. You worry about your money. Only your money! And mom, she doesn't even want me! I bet she wishes I wouldn't have come up out of the water!" Timothy's father stared at him long and hard.

"Go to your room. You're not aloud back on this deck, you're not aloud out of your room, and you will go without food tonight."

"Good, that way I can save you money. Maybe if I saved you a lot of money, you would love me at least a little bit."

And before Timothy could hear his fathers next words, he was in his room with the door locked curled under his blankets.

(Hi, it's Kitty. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, future chapters will be longer!)

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