Built out of Broken Glass: One Direction Zombie AU

The thing had sickly greenish skin that was rotting and peeling away, and one yellow eye glazed over with pus. Its jaw was hanging out of its socket, revealing rotting yellow teeth.

My stomach churned and black spots bubbled in my vision. I slammed my shoulder into the window, but it didn't budge. I could faintly hear Juniper screaming, but I ignored it. Using all my body weight this time, I threw myself into the window and it shattered. I slammed onto cold, tiled floor, covered with broken glass, and everything went black.


1. The Beginning

Chapter One

Literally everyone in high school sucks. Absolutely everyone, including myself, sucks balls. Sometimes literally. Even Juniper Mitchell, the school nerd that I might like just a little bit. I'd only been at Trinity five years, whereas this little know-it-all has been at the smart school since she was seven. And yes, the "nerd" label is still valid at the smart school, which just shows how utterly ingenious Juniper is.

I met her three weeks ago when we were assigned a science project together. I was in the middle of thanking the stars for my good fortune (I'm not even kidding, her science teacher put an A++ on her last report card. That girl.) when she ripped my folder out of my hands and started correcting everything I had written. ("No, stupid, the atomic number of osmium is 76. Third grade, idiot!") So not third grade. Eighth grade maybe, but hey. Science is definitely not my strong suit. Anyway, she came over to my crappy little apartment and we started building this insane maze that was supposed to defy like, every law of physics. It did not work.

Since then we've been meeting up every other day after school, and I've kind of grown to like her. And yes, to borrow a phrase from the middle school vocabulary, I like her like her. She's kind of scary, in that I'm gonna kick your ass with physics way, not to mention the fact that she does kickboxing. It's not just that though. Once you get past the defensive layer she always seems to have up, she's really nice. I guess looking at her all this time, I saw her as "the smart kid," and not as an actual human being, with hopes and dreams and ugh I sound like a girl.

So today she actually invited me over to her house, and the only thing going through my mind was shit shit shit shit multiple times. As lame as this is, I'm seventeen years old and I've never been to a girl's house. Don't judge me, I don't like any of the girls at my school. Except Juniper. I guess that's been made clear, hasn't it?

Remind me to stop getting off track, okay? It's annoying me more than it's annoying you.

Juniper's house was on Lance St., otherwise known as Realm of the Rich People. Oh, I'm sorry; did I say she has a house? Nah, I meant fucking mansion. It was pale white with thick ropes of ivy threading through the bricks. Tall, cherry wood doors arched through the wall, surrounded by intricate carvings depicting violence and death. Lovely. There were two sets of curved staircases leading to the deck (can decks be made out of marble?) which was partially hidden by Grecian-style pillars. In the grass between the stairs, a huge fountain flowed, with the naked angel babies spitting water and everything.

I would've stood there all day, staring at her house and trying to remember my name, but Juniper bounded up the steps and toward the door. "Come on, Styles! Close your mouth, you'll catch flies," she called.

"Yes Mother," I mumbled, jogging to catch up with her.

She pushed open the doors, deactivating a shrill alarm that went off as soon as we walked in. "So," she said, regarding me with her intense gray eyes. "My dad knows I'm having a friend over. He doesn't know you're a guy..."

Ah. This could be problematic. I take a step forward, only to be given the look. I wince and take in the thick, white carpets. "I can only guess," I say, yanking off my Converse.

She grins and turns away from me, cupping her hands around her mouth. "Dad!" she calls, inching over to a relatively small set of black double doors in-between two golden spiral staircases that led off to God-knows-where. The rest of the room was somewhat unspectacular compared to the outside. Pinkish walls lined the room, with picture frames neatly arranged above a little table. Bills and various other tedious envelopes were piled on it. This is the mud room, I thought. Classy.

"Juni?" a voice echoed through the room. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. Who else would it be? It's not like you have any other kids," she said, muttering the last part under her breath.

The black doors opened, and a tall man with dark eyes and a scruffy brown beard stepped out. "Who is your-" the man stopped short when he noticed me. "-friend?" He spat the last part like I was some kind of nasty fungus that invaded your home.

"Dad, this is Harry," Juniper said cautiously. "He's a friend-just a friend, okay? He's not gonna like, rape me or anything."

The man's face went red. "I wasn't suggesting-"

"I know," she replied quickly. "Just thought I'd clarify. You know, cause you gave me that whole talk about men and never inviting one in so I just thought I'd, you know…" she trailed off, realizing she hadn't chosen her words well. "Well, just thought I'd check in. We're leaving now." And with that, she hiked up her long lavender skirt—not her choice of clothing—and sprinted right back out, not even bothering to put on her combat boots. Not wanting to be caught alone with her dad, I abandoned my sneakers and ran out after her.

"Juniper! What was that? What the hell was that?" I chased her down the driveway and grabbed hold of her wrist. "Seriously, what. The. Hell?!"

She gasped for breath, her face bright red. "I blew it, I totally blew it," she ranted. "My dad's never gonna let you back in, he's never gonna let us-" she stopped talking, turning even redder, before spinning on her heel and running away again.

"Juniper wait, I thought we were gonna hang out-"

"I just need time to cool down," she said. "It's my dad, he makes me crazy, he's an absolute… ever since Mom…" she shook her head again and waved her hands around manically until she got her thoughts together. "Just leave for today, okay? We'll go somewhere tomorrow."

"Wha…" Girls. "Alright, whatever. Bring my shoes to school tomorrow," I told her, then I turned and walked away, stopping short when I heard the screaming.

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