My One and Only

This is dedicated to my future love, whenever I find him, I will give him this. This was originally for an English assignment


1. My One and Only

My One and Only

My one and only
My beautiful one
You will be as exquisite as an Exmoor pony
You will be golden like the sun
You will shine like a star
You will be as sweet as jelly in a jar

Kissing you will be like tasting sunshine
Loving you will be a warm spring breeze
You will laugh at the end of every crappy punch line
You will stand as tall as a forest full of trees
Your luscious locks will be a gift from heaven
They will be one of the great seven

Your eyes will be the sky at dusk
Your smile will be wide like the sea
Your tongue will be as sharp as the tip of an elephant's tusks
Your lips will be as sweet as honey from a bee
You will be all bark and no bite,
I won't even have to put up a fight
Love is a current,
And our ship will always sail
I will treasure every moment
Our love will prevail
Just remember I will love you forever,
Through each and every endeavor

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