Midnight Memories

What would you do if you were forced to choose between love and family? What if it would change your life forever? Ashley Cay, or Ash was stuck. She had a foot in two worlds, running with her pack at night and living the normal life or a seventeen year old. When five new boys come to her school, her pack is suddenly under attack. She has to choose, help save her pack, her family or stay with her friends and have a chance at love.


4. Chapter 3

Ash's POV


The last bell rang and Jack grabbed my hand. "Race you to Rabbit Rock."

I giggle lightly. "Your on Jack, but remember we got to wait till we reach the woods to change." 

"Hey Ash wait up." I turn around to see Niall jogging after us. Jack let out a growl. I shot him a glance and slowed to a walk.

"Dang you two are fast." Niall said gasping for breath when he caught up.

"Well we have to be some where soon." Jack growled.

I slipped Niall my number. "Call me later." He smiled and nodded. 

I turned back to Jack. "Last one there is rotten meat." Jack let out a whoop racing after me. The second we were in the woods we let the wolf take over. The wind rushing though my fur, this was the feeling I lived for. Rabbit Rock can into a couple yards away. I put on an extra burst of speed pulling ahead of Jack. I leapt up the rock letting out a howl as I reached the top. Jack jumped up joining me in the howl. Our voices beautifully, Seth and Annie always said our voices were almost as good as theirs together. Since that day Chris had been making jokes about how'd we'd end up together like Seth and Annie. I looked over at Jack his black muzzle pointed towards the sky. He lowered his muzzle as a rustling came from the bushes. I jumpped back landing beside Jack our pelts brushing. Out of the bushes stepped Niall, Harry and Louis. 

"Look." Louis gasped. "Wolves."

I let out a growl pushing deeper into Jack's coat.

Niall stepped forward slowly moving towards the rock. "Shut up Louis they're scared."

I slipped down the rock till I stood a few feet from Niall. He reavhed out slowly as if to touch me. I flinched, but didn't move. Jack leapt in front of me snarling and snapping at Niall. 

"Jack." I snarled. "He doesn't know it's me."

"So." Jack yelped. "You don't know what could happen."

"You can let me try." I snapped.

"Never." Jack cried. "Seth would kill you."

I shoot him a pleading glance. "Let me try."

"You kow what Seth says." Jack sighed nuzzling me. "Only if they're werewolfs."

Chris jumped out of the bushes racing towards Niall bitting down hard on his foot. Niall let out a cry holding his foot.

"Chris." I yelped racing towards him with Jack hard on my paws. "Follow us and grab Niall." 

I grabbed Niall's shirt softly, while Jack grabbed the other side. Chris leapt at Zayn and Louis till they ran off. We dragged Niall to River Cave. I switch back to human.

"What the fuck Chris." I cried. "Your going to ruin his life."

"I'm sorry." He wimpered switching to human. "It's just you seemed so sad."

I gave me a hug. "Thanks for caring Chris."

Niall let out a moan and started to wiggle around.

"He's starting to change." Jack cried out.

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