Midnight Memories

What would you do if you were forced to choose between love and family? What if it would change your life forever? Ashley Cay, or Ash was stuck. She had a foot in two worlds, running with her pack at night and living the normal life or a seventeen year old. When five new boys come to her school, her pack is suddenly under attack. She has to choose, help save her pack, her family or stay with her friends and have a chance at love.


2. Chapter 1~ 3 years later~

Ash's POV


"Hey Ash. Hey Jack" Chris called meeting up with Jack and me as we walk into East River High School. As far as anyone knew Jack, Chris, Claire, Seth, Annie and I were regular people. We had risen quickly in popularity, it was like a pack almost. It was fun to watch people hang onto every word we say. I felt like an alpha. 

"Hey Chris." I smiled giving him a hug. Jack shot him a smile. 

"Guess what?" Chris grinned when we stopped at our lockers, which were all right next to each others. 

"What?" I asked grabbing out my books for biology and math.

"There's five new guys coming today according to Macy." He smiled. I let out a laugh, Macy was the biggest gossip, only about half the stuff she said was true.

"Do you really believe her?" Jack laughed. "You know how she is."

"She just want to be popular." I laughed. 

The bell rang. "See you later Chris." I called walking with Jack on the way to biology. Chris shot me a playful look before he turned around heading to English.

"Hey Mrs. Davis." I smiled as we walk in heading got our usual seats. Jack and I have all the same classes and we always sit together. 

"Class." Mrs.Davis called getting our attention. "We have five new students in our class."

"Macy was right." I whispered to Jack. He shot me a look before we burst out laughing. Everyone looked at us, but when did Jack and I care about that?

Miss. Kay, Mr. Marshall would you like to tell everyone what's so funny." Mrs. Davis asked. 

I shook my head putting a hand over my mouth. "We're good." Jack smiled.

"Ok class." She said. "Please welcome our new students." In walked in five guys, a curly haired guy with bright green eyes lead the other four, a blonde, a guy with a striped shirt, a guy with a dark quiff and tattoos, and last but not least a quiet looking guy with brown hair. 

"Please intruduce yourselves." Mrs. Davis smiled.

Curly step forward first. "I'm Harry." He had a deep british accent and a twinkle in his eye. 

"Thank you Harry." Mrs. Davis smiled. "You can sit by Sarah. Sarah raised her hand. Sarah sat behind Jack, which meant Harry was behind me. 

I heard the chair behind me creak as he sat down. I fought the urge to turn around. Seth told us not to make friends. It would hurt if they found out. 

Stripes was next. "I'm Louis." He smiled. "And i'll sit by Harry." He was clearly energetic. I didn't really pay attention to quiff and shy but to catch their names, "Zayn and Liam." They ended up in front of Jack and I. 

Only blondie was left. "I'm Niall." He looked around the classroom, his eyes landing on me. "And i'll sit here." The seat beside me creaked as Niall sat down.

"Hey." He smiled looking at me. "What's your name."

"I'm Ashley, but you can call me Ash." I said. 

Jack let out a light huff on my other side, elbowing my side. "Seth said not to make friends."

"Seth isn't always right." I growled back turning to Niall.

"So where do you go next?" I asked.

We compared our scheudales and it turned out that we all have the same classes. Was it a sign? 

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