Midnight Memories

What would you do if you were forced to choose between love and family? What if it would change your life forever? Ashley Cay, or Ash was stuck. She had a foot in two worlds, running with her pack at night and living the normal life or a seventeen year old. When five new boys come to her school, her pack is suddenly under attack. She has to choose, help save her pack, her family or stay with her friends and have a chance at love.


1. Meet the Characters and Prologue



Her Wolf::



Jack (Ash's best friend)::


Jack's Wolf::



Chris(Ash's other best friend)::


Chris's Wolf::


Claire (Ash's Enemy)::


Her Wolf::


Seth and Annie(The leaders of the pack)::


Their wolves::


Meg(Ash's human enemy)::


The new kids at school::




I crouched down hiding my silver and black pelt as I crept on, my eyes on my prey. Jack's black pelt growing closer and closer. I let out a howl as I kept out of the grass. Jack's eyes widened as I pushed his down sitting on top of him.

"Get off me Ash." He laughed pushing me off him. 

"Ash. Jack." We jump apart to see Seth and Annie trotting towards up, their pelts brushing. Jack and I lower our heads. 

"What is it Seth?" I ask. "Have we done something wrong?"

He let out a soft chuckle. "Pups."

Annie smiled. "No you two have to live normal lives too."

"What do you mean?" Jack gasped.

"You are both going to start school in the closest town." Seth said. 

"Do we have to?" I growled leaping to my feet.

Seth let out a snarl. "Down Ash."

I lowered myself to the ground. "I'm sorry Seth."

"Good." He smiled. "Annie and I will pick you both up here tomorrow."

He and Annie started to walk away when Annie turned around. "Tell Chris and Claire to meet here too they will be going with you."

Jack and I nodded watching them walk away. After they left I quickly switched to human. "I'll tell Chris and you tell Claire."

Jack stood up next to me running a hand through his brown hair. "Ok see you tomorrow."

He gave me a quick hug before heading off in the direction of Claire's house. I watch him go before going off towards Chris's house. Tomorrow was going to be fun.




Hope you all like it.

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