The Blue Rose

Rose Payne moves to a new high school, Hampton High, and finds out her cousin who she hasn't seen for so long goes there too. Rose deals with Bullying, Drama, and heartache.


5. 5

(A/N Hey guys I hope you have liked my book *well idk if it's a book but let's just go with it*  This isn't the end I just wanted to see how you guys liked it so far.... comment on which chapter is your fave.... Well anyway, Back to The Blue Rose)

~*Rose's P.O.V*~

I walked over to the table to get some food. I opened the pizza box to find only one slice left. The boys were all talking to each other. All except Niall. He was standing by the pool, his back facing the boys and I. I was suspicious. "Hey Niall. Are you, um, okay?" I called, walking over to him. This got the other boys' attention. "Everything okay?" Harry asked, walking over to us. The rest of the boys followed closely behind.

"Mhm." Niall mumbled, his mouth full. "Hey!" Someone said from over by the table, with the almost empty pizza box on it. We all turned around. It was Louis. "What happened to all the pizza?" He asked. We all turned to face Niall. "Lou, I bet you already know the answer to that." Liam said. "Niall," said Zayn. "Where is the pizza?" Niall turned around to face us. "I dunno." he said, licking his lips. I narrowed my eyes, playfully. "I know exactly where it is. It's right there." I said, poking his belly.

"Hey! That tickles." Niall said while laughing a little bit. I smiled. "Okay, who wants to go to the store with me to get some ice cream?" I asked. All of the boys raised their hands, except Liam. I was actually a bit surprised to see that they all wanted to go with me. "Niall if you go with the store is more likely to run out of stock faster." I said. This made all of the boys laugh, Niall blushed and lowered his head. "Alright, well Zayn, do you, Louis and Harry want to go with me?" I asked, smiling. They all nodded and followed me inside. I walked to the table by the door and grabbed my phone and purse.

"Li, please don't let Niall eat me out of house and home. Please?" I said with a small smile. Liam chuckled. "I won't Rosy." Liam said smiling. My smile grew wider. He hasn't called me that since we were about ten years old. Zayn, Louis, Harry and I all walked out to Louis' car. Zayn and Louis sat in the front, while Harry opened my door for me. I smiled and got in and buckled up as Harry shut my door. "You guys all set?" Louis asked from the driver side. Harry got in and buckled his seat belt. "Yeah we're good." Harry said. There was no head rest behind me and every time we hit a bump my head would hit the seat. Harry must have noticed because he put his arm behind my head. I smiled at his actions. "Thanks, that last one really hurt." I said. He smiled back, "No problem, I bet it did."

We arrived at the store. "My buckle isn't working." I said, as I tried to unbuckle my seat belt. Louis reached back to help me. "Here let me help you love. This damn thing doesn't work right." Louis said with a small smile. After five minutes of struggling I was finally free from the seat. We walked inside of the store and I froze at the door. "Rose, are you okay?" Harry asked me. Louis and Zayn walked over to us. "Is everything alright?" Louis asked me. "It's him." I said quietly. The boys gave me confused looks. "Um, who?" Zayn asked concerned. I looked up at him. "M-my br-brother." I said kind of frightened. Harry looked a bit frightened too. "What's wrong with him?" he asked in a whisper. My eyes were brimmed in tears. "He used to abuse me when I was a little kid." I said quietly. "That's how I got this." I said as I pulled up my sweater sleeve. There was a scar on my forearm that led from the crease of my elbow down to my wrist.

Harry gasped, he looked completely hurt. "Why would he do that?" Louis asked. I looked up at him. He too, had tears in his eyes. I shrugged. "Who knows? He abused me until I was thirteen. Liam knew but I told him to stay away from Jackson knowing that Liam would probably beat the shit out of him and possibly kill him for what he did to me. I didn't want my cousin going to jail so I told him to stay out of it." I said truthfully. Jackson walked towards us. "Rosy? Rosy Posy is that you? It's been so long. I've missed you." his sick voice said. I gave a fake smile. "Yeah I missed you too. Oh wait, no I didn't." I said gaining confidence. Jackson narrowed his eyes at me. "You will treat me with respect." he said.

"Ha, yeah, right. Because you respected me? I don't think so." I said confidently. He looked shocked. "Wow the scared little bitch finally found her voice." Jackson said coldly. My heart felt like it was being ripped out of my chest, oh wait nope that's just Jackson staring daggers at me. Harry spoke up. "Don't you talk to her like that!" He said with a mad expression on his face. "Oh so you finally found new friends? Good you needed some, by that I meant you needed friends." Jackson said. "Oh nuh uh. Back the fuck up. You need to get the hell away from me and my friends. You want to know why? Because they are better family than you will ever be." I said. I was pissed. Jackson stepped forward and slapped me across the face, hard. I fell to the ground in tears. "Yeah that's right bitch, stay down." He kicked me in the side and ran off. I lay on the ground in pain. The boys kneeled down next to me and tried to help me up. My side hurt a lot less once I stood up. " I swear if that bastard comes back he's in for a serious beat down. Are you okay Rose?" Harry asked me. I nodded, the tears still streaming down my face. "Let's just go. Please?" I asked quietly.

We all walked back out to the car. Harry came up to me from behind and grabbed my hand. "Everything's going to be alright." He whispered, his hot breath tickling my ear. I smiled and got in the car. It hurt to move so I didn't even bother putting on the seat belt. Harry got in and buckled up. He pulled me into the middle of the bench and buckled me up in the middle seat. I leaned my head on his shoulder. "Are we going home?" I asked. Louis shook his head. "No actually we are going to go to a different store and get some more food for your house and you and Haz are going to stay in the car." Louis said. I nodded and curled up next to Harry, laying my head in his lap. I looked up at him and smiled. "Is this okay?" I asked. He smirked. "Yeah it's fine." He leaned down and kissed my cheek where my 'brother' slapped me. "You're okay. I won't let anything happen to you." he said quietly. I stared into his emerald green eyes. "Promise?" I asked in a whisper. He leaned down and left a lingering kiss on my forehead. "I promise." Harry whispered. I knew he was telling the truth. And with that I fell asleep, curled up on Harry's lap.

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