The Blue Rose

Rose Payne moves to a new high school, Hampton High, and finds out her cousin who she hasn't seen for so long goes there too. Rose deals with Bullying, Drama, and heartache.


1. 1

 I walked into the hallway, my schedule in hand. I was new at Hampton High, today was my first day. My sister, Katie, graduated from here. She is actually living with us until she has enough money to move out. I just transferred here. I walked to my homeroom so I could talk to the teacher before the bell rang. I walked into the classroom. "Oh you must be my new student Rosalina." she said cheerfully. "Um, no actually it-" I was interrupted by a girl with blonde hair wearing a navy blue sweater and black ruffled skirt. She looked sort of, what's the word? Oh, preppy.

"Ms. Prescott, Like I need a copy of my missing assignments. I don't want to, like,  fail." she said. I looked at her. She didn't seem like such a nice person. "Amber, I have told you so many times, you don't have any missing assignments. Now go sit down class is about to start. Oh and Rosalina, when class starts just sit in this desk right here." she said, patting a desk in front. " Oh, okay. And Ms. Prescott? My name is actually Rose." She nodded and walked away. The bell rang and a wave of people came in the room and filled all the desks.

A blonde boy sat down in the desk next to mine. " Are you new?" he asked with a smile. "Um, yeah I'm Rose. Rose Walker." I said quietly. For the first time in my life, I actually felt shy. "Nice name, it's really pretty. I'm Niall. Niall Horan." he said, copying my tone. He had the cutest Irish accent I had ever heard. I giggled a bit at how he copied me. "Alright. Good morning class. How are you all doing today?"  Ms. Prescott said. No one answered. "Okay then." she said flatly. "Today we are going to watch a movie. The movie has to do with the recent research on Mars and how they have discovered ice and life on the barren planet." she said while shutting off the lights. She played the movie.

Twenty minutes into the movie I became really bored. I took out my design book and started sketching. Niall looked over at me and leaned closer to me. "Hey whatcha drawin'?" he whispered. He startled me. "Oh it's nothing. Just some dress designs. I like to sketch when I get bored." I said quietly. He nodded. "Yeah I like to listen to music when I'm bored." he said, taking out his iPhone 5 and ear buds. "Here. Wanna listen?" he asked. I nodded, "Sure."

I instantly knew what song it was as soon as I heard the first few notes. "The day I first met you, You told me you'd never fall in love. But now that I get you, I know fear is what it really was. Now here we are, so close and so far haven't I passed the test? When will you realize... Baby I'm not like the rest?" He paused my favorite Demi Lovato song. "So your a designer and a Lovatic?" Niall asked me.

"Yeah she's like my role model. I look up to her." I whispered, while smiling. "Niall. Rose. You guys need to be quiet. Watch the movie." Ms. Prescott said. I nodded. I decided to just be quiet and listen to the music while drawing. The bell rang. I took out my schedule and looked at it to see where I was supposed to go. Niall looked at me like I was crazy. "Are you okay? Do I have something in my hair?" I asked. He laughed. Why was he laughing at me? " No you don't have anything in your hair, you sound like one of my friends. No, it's break time." he said. "Okay good I need a break." I said while laughing.

I grabbed my bag and binder and walked out into the nice February weather. I sat down on a bench in the quad, near the fountain. I took out my iPhone 5 and started reading my favorite book 'Mockingjay'. I took out some pretzels and my kiwi-strawberry Vita-Min water. Someone sat down next to me. I looked at him. It was Niall. "Hey." I said. He smiled. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen.

"What's up?" he asked. I couldn't get over how cute his accent was. "Not much. I'm just reading my favorite book." he looked over my shoulder. "Mockingjay. Oh my gosh I love that book. I can't wait for them to make the movie." he said excitedly. I smiled at him. "Sorry I'm so weird sometimes. I just really love that book series." he laughs. " Yeah that's understandable. It's a pretty good book." I laughed too.

"Hey so I have a question." he said. "Yeah? What's your question?" I asked, while still focused on my phone. "Me and my friends go to this awesome drive-in called J.J's after school every Friday and I was wondering if you might wanna go with?" I looked at him. I smiled, "Sure sounds like fun." I wanted to go see a movie after school but maybe hanging out with some new people could be a good thing.

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