Age doesn't matter

In that book there is a girl witch is twelve years old. She meets Louis Tomlinson in her dad's pizzeria. Lou looks for creative girl, and Magdalena (which is her name) is most creative of every girls that Boobear have known in his life. Then into action turns Niall Horan. At the moment Mag losts one of her best friend, Maya. Magdalena likes Niall most of 1D. Well, there will be some problems to get through it, b'cos she is 12, Louis 21 and Niall 20. To add, Lou and Niall love her and they want her as their girlfriend! What will they do because of that?
Hope you'll like it,


1. Some about it

Some about it


Well... Hi! My name is Magda. I want to tell you something until you will start to read this movella. It will make you know characters more. Ok?

Magda Maya Augustyn (born in 2001)- a girl that loves 1D since she watched This Is Us. She likes Niall most of the guys. Her dad have a pizzeria, called Pinzimonio. She lives in Poland in Wrasaw with her parents. Her brother is a student in France. She loves to eat. Her hair is brown with some blond stripes. Guess what, it is natrural! Her eyes are blue-green-grey, you can see every color but in dipence of what does she wear. Her best friend is Caroline, jokey class mate. Her biggest enemy is Stan. Some people call her Mag. Her mum is named Martha and dad Paul. Her brother is Matheo.

Niall James Horan (born in 1993)- he is very nice guy with brown hair with painted blonde ends. His eyes are sparkling blue. He loves Nando's and food. He is 1/5 part of very famous music boysband 1D. He would go to Poland because of very nice traditional food from here. He laughs a lot, and his laugh is very funny and it makes all another people laugh too. He don't have any girlfriend and he is still looking for his "princess".

Louis Tomlinson (born in 1992)- oldest guy from 1D. He broke with his girlfriend. He loved her very much. He and Zayn had an interwiew in polish radio station RMF MAXXX. Now he is looking for perfect girl. That lucky one have to be very creative! He gives every girl that he thinks it could be true love special CRM- Creative Made.

CRM (CReative Made)- a blue paper that is with blue powder on and some places with no it on. It's given with an light, special & small wooden stick that is for taking powder of it. Under in there is a pic if something. In a routine it is a pic of a girl in dress. Girl is in the water with four fish and some roads that are different colour.

Stan Bluszkowski (born in 2001)- the worst "something" (I won't call him a human!) in the class. He punches Mag and pull her hair down straight to the floor all the time.

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