All Is Fair In Love & War // Dramione fan fiction

When Hermione meets Draco 20 years after the death of Voldemort, she falls right back in love with him, although she is married to Ron. But is Draco's dark site all gone? And what will Hermione have to give up, if she want's to be with him?


2. Prolouge



It is a known fact, that when a relationship gets too comfortable, it automatically gets too boring to stay in. It gets too easy. The things that doesn't matter at all, suddenly starts to matter a lot. The ordinary things start to get irritating. The things you once loved about the other person, become the things you now hate, and the things you once hated about the other person, become the things you now hate even more. And that’s when you need something more. Something new. Or perhaps… well, maybe even something old?


“Hermione?” Hermione recognised the voice immediately. She moaned and opened her eyes. Ron was standing beside their bed, in their bedroom. He was looking down at her.

“Yeah,” she said quietly, while she gave him a little smile, “what’s wrong?”

“It’s late,” he said, assuming she would know, what he was talking about.

“So?” she sat up in the bed.

“So?” he repeated, “you have to go pick up Rose at the station, she is coming home today!” He sounded a bit harsh and irritated.

“Are you not going? I thought we were going to pick her up together,” Hermione was now wide awake and she was starring at Ron, with blaming eyes. He took his eyes of her.

“I can’t,” he answered her. She gave him a nod and rose from the bed. She walked past him and stopped, when she reached a brown dresser, made of wood.

“Better get changed then,” she said and gave Ron a last look, before she opened the top drawer. Ron looked at her a last time, before he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Hermione didn’t even look at the door; she was too busy finding some decent and quick clothes to wear. She grabbed a blue, almost black dress, with white, tiny flowers and placed it on the top of the dresser. Then she pulled out some black lingerie and a pair of black tights. She then squeezed into the clothes and looked at herself through a big mirror that was standing beside the dresser. She tried to fake a smile, but she couldn’t. How could she be so miserable? She had everything. Everything. What could be missing, when she had everything?

     When Hermione walked into the kitchen, she found Ron and Hugo at the dining table. Ron with today’s paper in his hands and Hugo all covered in his breakfast. Her wand was in her right hand. She grabbed it tight, and started pointing at Hugo.

“Scourgify,” she smiled, while she looked at Hugo’s now clean face, “you look so much prettier, when you’re not all covered in chocolate.”

“Why are you not out the door yet?” Ron asked and sent her a cold look. Hermione’s smile disappeared.

“I am sorry! Would you like me to walk around naked?” She asked him, while he continued reading the paper. Hugo looked at both of them, while the silence spread in the kitchen. None of them said a word, before Hermione was out of the house.


Hermione looked at the big clock, which was hanging at the train station. Ten minutes. She was ten minutes early. Ron had been over her all morning and she was ten minutes early? She looked around and remembered how she had loved this place as a kid and how much she had loved Hogwarts as a kid.

“Granger?” the voice was coming from behind. That voice. It sounded familiar. She turned around.

“Malfoy?” her face lightened up.

“Long time, no see,” he smiled at her.

“Well,” she sounded nervous, “what are you doing here?”

“I have a son, you know,” he looked at the ground and then again on Hermione.

“Yes, yes, I am aware of that.”

“So… how’s the husband?” he asked her, while he placed his arms behind his back.

“I think he’s fine. What about the wife?” she tried to change the subject as quickly as possible.

“I don’t know. We’re actually not together any more.”

“I’m sorry,” Hermione looked him in the eyes, just to look for any kind of emotion, “are you ok?”

“Yes, I feel perfect,” he sounded surprisingly happy, “we’re still friends. I don’t think, that I was ever in love with her.”

“That’s honest,” she gave him a cheering smile.

“Sorry,” he smiled and let out a laugh, “so are you here to pick up your daughter?”

“Yeah,” her smile disappeared.

“Where is Ron?” Draco turned his head to the right and then to the left. His hands were still behind his back.

“Where is Astoria?”

“That’s different,” once again he sent her a smile.

“How is that different?” Hermione asked curiously.

“I just told you. We’re not together any more.”

“Well,” she took her eyes of him, “Ron had plans.”

“I see,” he took a step towards her, “the train,” he said.

“What about the train?” she asked.

“It is here,” he took one more step towards her and she turned around. He was right. The train was right behind her and she didn’t even hear it.

“I guess I’ll see you around, Granger,” Draco said, while he walked towards Scorpius, who had just walked out of the train.

“See you around, Malfoy,” she sent him a smile, while he turned around and walked away.    

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