Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


1. Small note/ Chapter 1-Teacher Fights

Dear readers,

Hey my readers. So you have read my Andy and one direction fan fiction. Probably even the Ponyboy one. 

Well get ready for this story. Your gonna wet your pants cause this is gonna be out of this world.

Now most of my thinking sometimes is alone. But me and my friend decided to write some crazy story.

We just got bored. And it was over the weekend. After testing which I'm glad has finished but back to homework -.-

Anyways, this story is about me and my friends. In a high school. Well what we thought is crazy and never happened before. Mostly cause were not in high school. 

This story will be crazy as fuck. Of course there's gonna be cursing. Like a lot. 

Hopefully you enjoy this crazy yet sorta funny story!!! 

Love y'all,

Mel and Tyra


Chapter 1- Teacher Fights

Tyra's POV

I sat there and watched Ms. Brache and Mr. Cohen fight. Me an my friend Nah'cier were looking at each other with a 'WTF?' face. Let me explain how this all started. We were sitting here until Mr. Cohen came in.


"Ok now everybody take out your projects. Today is pay day." Ms. Brache said. That's when Mr. Cohen had came in. "Back off Mr. George he's mine." That's when Ms. Brache said "Bitch what the hell you talking about." It was starting to get all crazy. "He's mine!" Mr. Cohen said. "He lost his virginity to me" Mr. Cohen added. That's when Ms. Brache had a shocked face. "No he didn't you little asshole." Ms. Brache just had to say that. "It's true and Tyra knows about it cause she walked in on us when we were in Ms. Michal's room." That's when Ms. Brache had looked at me. I just stayed quiet. Then I saw Nah'cier on his twitter.


That moment when teachers start to argue over something stupid.

#laughing my ass off

Of course he would do that.

*end of flashback*

Things didn't get any better they started calling each other hoe,slut,whore.bitch,etc.  

That's when I looked at Melanie. She was sitting there with her phone. She was filming this bullshit.

I looked over at Cristie and Patrick eating popcorn and enjoying the show. Wait hold up. HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET POPCORN. Probably from Ka'Sheema. She always brings some snacks just in case something like this might happen.

I looked at Andrew. He was reading his book ignoring this whole thing. Then Jordan was trying not to laugh. Ariana was listening to her music. Ky'Asia was next to Ka'Sheema. Then everybody else was sitting there, eating popcorn, filming this or laughing.

That's when Mr. D'Anna came in. He started to enjoy it until he started chanting "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" What the hell.

That's when Ms. Brache and Mr. Cohen started having a rap battle. "EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! MS. BRACHE V.S. MR. COHEN." I screamed.

Ms. Brache started raping about her collage degrees and how she doesn't have one on napping. Then Mr. Cohen was raping about how he's good at basketball and Ms. Brache is boring.

After that long ass battle neither of them won. But then out of the blue, Mr. George comes in. "Stop it! I'm done with you two. We're through." Mr. George says and leaves. After Mr. George left Ms. Brache went to Mr. D'Anna and ask for a vacation. That when everything changed. 


Hey beautiful readers, I hope you liked chapter 1. It took only a day and its sorta suckish. Sorry for that. But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the sorta short chapter. Also the part where Nah'cier's twitter isn't real I just got that out of no where. More to come! Keep an eye out for an update. We love y'all~ Tyra and Mel


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