Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


6. Chapter 6-The Hang Over Part 1

Chapter 6- The Hang Over Part 1

Melanie's POV

I woke up to the sun shining bright in my eyes. My head was pounding. What the hell happened last night. I was laying outside. My head was on Ethan's chest and he had his arms wrapped around me securely.

This is awesome. I heard him groan. Then he looked at me. "Morning Melanie" he said with a smile. "Good morning" I said and smiled back. He took his arms off me allowing the both of us to sit up. "How come were outside?" Ethan asked. "I'm not sure. I don't even remember what happened last night." I said scratching my head. "Do you remember anything?" I asked. "Nope." he said.

I wonder what happened last night. "We should go find everyone else." Ethan said. We got up and looked around. This is how we found everybody:

Tyra and Felipe- Tyra was passed out on the couch while Felipe was laying on the ground also passed out.

Ky'Asia and Ka'Sheema- Ky'Asia was asleep on the kitchen counter while Ka'Sheema was asleep on the table.

Abbey and Sam- Their lips were touching and they were cuddled together. I took a picture.

Michelle- She was sleeping in a random room.

Erica- She was passed out in the bathroom.

Michael and Lexie- They were cuddled up sleeping under a tree outside.

Jose- He was asleep in the middle of the hallway.

Nah'cier- He was sleeping on the porch.

Jordan- She was passed out across the street.

Andrew- He was sleeping in a bedroom.

Ariana and Cristian- They were sleeping on the floor cuddled up.

Lupe, Yeimi, and Sarai- They were all near the stairs.

After everyone woke up we all tried to remember what happened. "Not to be mean but you all look like crap." Jose said. "Look who's talking. The guy with make up on." Nah'cier said. "Ok everybody calm down. We all did something last night and now we may have make up on, piercings, or hair dyed a bit." Ky'Asia said.

Everybody ran to the mirror. All the guys were wearing make up. Some girls had piercings or hair dyed. I had a lip piercing on the left of my lip. Ky'Asia had snakebites. Lupe had a nose piercing. All the girls had a color in their hair but only Ky'Asia, Lupe and I were the only girls with piercings and streaks in our hair. 

Everyone took a turn goign to the bathroom to wash off. The guys got the makeup off but the girls couldnt get the hair dye off. I thought it was temporary. Oh well.

I walked outside. I sat under the tree shade. Ethan sat next to me. "Hey" I said. "Hi" Ethan said. "Do I look bad" I asked him. He just sat there quietly. "Hey Melanie can you come here" Abbey asked. I got up and walked away leaving him there. I felt my heart break.


Abbey's POV

"I need to go home and rest" Melanie said. "Ok that's fine just call if you find anything in your phone of what happened last night." I said and she just nodded. The left without saying goodbye. I wonder why she was so down. I'll ask her later.

I walked to my room and cleaned up the mess. I found some things that might help us figure out what happened last night.

I ran downstairs with a bag filled with the stuff. "Hey guys pay attention. I found items in my room that might help us out on what happened last night." Everybody turned and looked at me."Before I show the items I found did anybody else find anything?" I asked. Mostly everyone found something.

"Since mostly everyone found something do you have a projector?" Ky'Asia asked. I nodded and ran back upstairs into my parents room to get my dads projector. I ran back downstairs plugged the wire in the outlet. "OK who's first?" Ky'Asia asked. Tyra walked up and gave me her phone. 

The first picture was of me,Melanie, and Tyra. But it was before our hair had dye. The next pictures were the same. Then we came across a video. It had the music blasting way too loud. Tyra was filming what was going on. I saw somebody in the background pour something into the bowl of punch. I zoomed in and saw Mr. Cohen.

Everybody gasped. "That's so fucked up. What did that motherfucker pour into the punch? That little son of a bitch." Nah'cier started to curse. "Calm your self" Tyra said. They both started to argue. "BOTH OF YOU QUIT IT!" Ariana shouted. Everybody looked at her since she's usually quiet. "Look nothing happened. We all have prove that he did nothing to us. If he had none of us would be here." Ky'Asia said. We all agreed.


Tyra's POV

After we went through everything everybody was surprised. Ariana had made out with Cristian. Abbey and Sam only talked and laughed. Melanie and Ethan were kissing, talking and laughing. Then me and Felipe were talking and kissing.

Yet again we were all drunk. So what Abbey found was whiskey and whine bottles. Damn we all drank alot. She didn't only find but she found the recites for the piercings and hair dye. I like how Ariana's hair is now red and before it was black.

Anyways, since we figured out what happened we decided to go home and rest. I walked home. I gotta admit I'm a bit scared that I might get kidnapped. I started to run home. The more scared I got the faster I ran. 

When I got home I opened the door quickly and locked it. When I got into my room I looked into the mirror. I look shit. Damn it. I hate it when I end up looking like shit just for running. This day just fucking hates me. 

I went downstairs and walked to my kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and grabbed Lucky Charms. I walked to the refrigerator and took the milk out. I pour the cereal and milk in the bowl. I put the stuff away ans walked to my living room. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I started to watch Regular Show. I love that show. 

After I ate my breakfast, I washed my bowl and spoon. I did alot of cleaning around the house even laundry. I was so tired when I finished. I was fucking sleepy. I felt my eyelids starting to close. Then I fell into a deep sleep.


Hi wonderful fans of this story. Sorry we took long to update. It's almost the end of the school year. YAY! Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Ok so the picture of the girl is of who's playing Melanie in the story. Love all of you- Mel, Abbey and Tyra <3

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