Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


2. Chapter 2-Schedule Changes And New Kid

Chapter 2- schedule changes and new kid

Melanie's POV 

The next day, there were some schedule changes.

1 period- Health/Mr. Cohen

2 period- Science/Mr. George

3 period- Math/Mrs. Fasano and Ms. Hoayeck

4 period- History/Mrs. Townsend

5 period- lunch

6 period- LAL/Mrs. Germano

7 period- Gym/Mrs. Knight

8 period- LAL/Mrs. Germano

That was messed up. Making us have Mr. Cohen first period. That hoe is creepy.

Everybody went to their lockers and grabbed their stuff.

I walked to Mr. Cohen's classroom, which now takes place in Ms. Brache's room.

When the bell rang everybody got inside the room. I sat near in the middle. On my left was Andrew. On my right was Jordan. Nothing better than sitting next to my buddies.

Mr. Cohen took attendance and everything seemed calm. Until he drew a diagram of a girls pussy on the board. I looked at Andrew and all the girls in the class, including me, had their cheeks turning red. "Hey you ok?" Andrew whispered. I realized that I was embarrassed. I quickly covered my cheeks. "Yeah I'm fine" I whispered back.

Mr. Cohen started to explain how it works and stuff like that. Then he asked for a volunteer. Every girl was being quiet and sat down.

Then Mrs. Warrington walked in. "Hello Mrs. Warrington I was just explaining to the students how a girls private part works. I need a volunteer. Would you mind helping me?" Mr. Cohen said. "Well as long as it has to do with this topic." Mrs. Warrington said.

Mr. Cohen pulled his pants and boxers down, while Mrs. Warrington did the same. I looked at Andrew again. We both looked at each other with a 'WTF?' face.

Mrs. Warrington and Mr. Cohen had started to have sex on the table. Mrs. Warrington was letting out moans. Me and Andrew put up two texts books so me and him could talk. I looked at him and he looked at me. We were sitting there quietly. He had said something but I couldn't hear him so I scooted closer to him. "What was that?" I asked. "I said this is so gross" he said. I nodded in agreement. 


Tyra's POV

Mr. Cohen and Mrs. Warrington were doing it, on a table. HOW GROSS! Ky'Asia and Ka'Sheema had covered their eyes. Ariana had been listening to her music so she didn't hear a thing and was to busy drawing. Felipe, my crush, was just talking away with his cousin Cristian. Then Nah'cier was just listening to rap music.

I grabbed my stuff, got up, and started making my way to the door. But Mr. Cohen grabbed me by my arm. That's when everybody stopped doing what they were doing. They all gasped. Then Nah'cier heard and took out his walkie talkie. "Attention Tyra's people, Mr. Cohen has her in his grip. I repeat Mr. Cohen has her in his grip. Hurry up and lets save her."

Then all you saw was people coming in and starting to beat the shit out of Mr. Cohen. Everybody started laughing. "We salute you Tyra! We salute you!" My people said. Mrs. Warrington was screaming and running with her pants and panties still down.

Then the bell rang so everybody got out. 


Mr. George's POV 

I got an email. It was from Mr. Cohen. His email said:

Dear Mr. George,

My first period class wasn't great. They were dreadful. They sent kids to beat me up. Now please give them all detention!


Mr. Cohen 


Cristie's POV

I sat next to my boyfriend, Patrick. I love him so much and he loves me back. He has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Mr. George walked around giving everyone a pink sheet.

"Now everyone get this signed by your parents" Mr. George said. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Tyra whispered. Then Mr. George gave me mine. I realized why Tyra had said WTF. I had detention. Everyone else did too. I raised my hand. "Yes Cristie?" Mr. George said. "Umm why do we all have detention. We were all in time." I said. "It wasn't the fact that any of you were late. All of you sent someone to beat Mr. Cohen." He said. Then I remembered that funny moment.

"Anyways, class today we have a lab. We're going to dissect a frog." Mr. George said. I was disgusted by that. I don't like to chop up dead animals but if I didn't do that it would bring my grade down. Patrick of course knew that I don't like to cut dead animals. So he said that he will do that and I will fill out the worksheet. That seemed like a good plan to me. 


Melanie's POV

Everyone was paired up. Except for me. Mr. George told me to do book work. How lame. Of course science is an easy subject so I finished quickly and started to play with a rubber band. There was a lot of time left. There's only 35 minutes left of class.

Then for some weird reason Mrs. Elkin was at the door and called Mr. George out. 


Mrs. Elkin's POV

I was waiting outside walking to Mr. George's room with the new student behind me. It all happened this morning


I was sitting at my desk. The new kid was sitting there. I looked at his schedule. "Ok so what's your name, sweetie" I asked. "I'm Ethan" he said. I printed out his schedule. I wrote his locker number and his combination on the schedule.

"Ok Ethan so your going to science so lets go to your locker quickly. Leave your skateboard and book bag there grab your stuff for science, math, and history and let's go." I said all excited. On our way to his locker I showed him around.

When we got to his locker he did what I told him to do.

Then we got to Mr. George's room.

*end of flashback*

I explained to Mr. George everything about the new kid.

"Ok Ethan you may go in the classroom now" Mr. George said walking behind Ethan back into the classroom. 


Melanie's POV

Mr.George walked in. I walked up to him "Mr. George I finished." I said and handed him the work. "Wow you did that in 5 minutes. Your quick." He said. I nodded. "Ok so you can work on the lab with Ethan." He said and pointed to a HOT AS HELL GUY with awesome black flippy hair and wearing black.

I instantly felt my stomach start to twist. What the fuck is wrong with me. I walked to the back of the room an worked with him. I filled the worksheet out quickly and he dissected the frog. We had like about 20 minutes left if class so we talked for a while.

That's when Mr.D'Anna walked in. He was high on crack. I tried not laugh. He stumbled his way towards me and Ethan. He handed Ethan a detention slip. Then Mr. D'Anna stumbled his way out.

"Why do I have detention?" he asked. "He was high on crack so I guess I'll see you there" I said and he chuckled.He was really cute but I couldn't fall for him.

Not after what had happened. The bell rang and we walked out of the classroom handing in the worksheets. 


Third person's POV

The rest o the day was normal for everybody. Ethan hanged out with Melanie, Andrew, Jordan, Cristie, Patrick, Tyra, Felipe, Cristian, and Ariana. 


Hey guys, so here's chapter 2. Hoped you liked it. I was laughing while typing it. And then when Tyra said something so funny I said "stop Kellin me" cause if you know who Kellin Quinn is then you get the joke. Anyways, we put alot of hard work into this chapter. We love y'all~ Mel and Tyra

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