Broken from Reality

I always wondered what it would be like to experience a dream on the same scale that we lived our tedious lives: Now however, I wish I never had the thought as I'm now trapped within, broken free of my Earth bound body and stuck in this 'other' world that mere humans should never want to be in. I am broken in mind, body and soul... I am...broken from reality...


3. The Oddity of Twins

   The woods began to grow thicker as I pressed onwards, guided by a thin ray of light which had begun to protrude from the ring upon my leaving of the seaside town. Something inside bade me that I follow the light as if it were a compass pointing north or in my case, the north I wanted to find. One thing unbeknownst to me though it should have been perceived is that, having always dreamt in the reality of things, my mind had implemented creatures in these woods that would be hell bent on my destruction. Soon, the worn sodden path I had been following had given way to tall grasses and endless beds of fallen pine needles from the canopies of the mighty trees above.

   "What was that?" I suddenly blurted out in a whisper as a something had snapped a twig or small branch from behind me somewhere in the brush. I paused for a moment, attempting to recompose myself and hoping that I had imagined the event. However, as I started to move about again, within having moved no more than perhaps a hundred yards another snap echoed forth from the wood behind me. "Who's there?" I called as I heard the brief but unmistakable clink of metal against stone.

   Whispering emanated from the bush nearby but I couldn't determine what the voice or, by the sound of it, voices were saying. I grew minorly annoyed and picked up two objects; a stick of decent size and width and a stone. I had an idea to lure out the shadows that had been tailing me for so long as I knew they would not emerge on their own will.

   "Must be imagining things," I muttered with a straight face as I re-examined the ring's guiding light and began to move off in the given direction; knowing that these two persons' joint curiosity in me would lead them to follow me was what I was banking on as I continued to traverse through the thickening woods, unaware of the potential dangers ahead. When I was sure of the fact that they were close enough to me I spun sharply on my heels and tossed the rock I'd been carrying with the most immense force I could muster, and as hoped there was a definite thud as the rock hit something hard and organic followed by a cry of pain from what could be, by the tone emitted, be concluded as human.

   "Ah that bloody hurts," cried the first voice.

   "Brother, hold still, you're bleedin' pretty nicely right now," came a second more quiet voice. Well, like I thought, two idiots were following me and now they would have to answer for their stupidity; stick in hand ready to swing I approached the bush and sharply swept it aside, receiving a panicked squeal from the two strangers. What I beheld was a might bit strange; two young boys, no older than maybe twelve at most and ten atleast. There was a few things to note about them in particular. The one who was on the ground holding his hand over his left forehead, just above the eye was seemingly a symbol of darkness. He was a bit shorter than I and had like my dream form, dark hair, as black as the dark needles of a raven's feather though his hair was straight and mine a bit unruly. He had somewhat ashen colored skin and was adorned in rags of the worst shambling; torn black trousers and a ripped and ragged shirt with baggy plumes in a few spots. The shirt had lost a few buttons and as such hung open, exposing a strange marking on his left breast. His shoes were ebony in color and looked as though they had been killed and resurrected several times over. His most striking feature however were his eyes; unbecoming of his dark appearance he had the most chilling pair of pale, ice blue eyes that lit up brightly and coldly as he glared at me, face twisted into a grimace of pain and hatred.

   "You stay away from us!" shouted the other boy as he swung at me, to which I dodged the blow and with my stick disarmed him swiftly and shoved him to the ground in one fluid stroke (all those fencing sessions with Callum were suddenly paying off).

   "You be quiet!" I shouted in response, his eyes filled with tears as he tried to cover his ailing sibling. He was similar in face to the other but instead of paled darkness, he seemed to be aglow with his ivory skin and light blond almost white hair that was somewhat short, the longest part hanging to just above his shoulders in the back. He wore clothes that were similar wear as the first sibling though they were lighter in color and seemed to be more of an extension of his body. Much like his sibling he was marked by some strange markings on his breast, his on the right in contrast to his brother's left. His voice was that of the softer one I had first heard, almost angelic in tone but soaked in cold, dark desires.

   "You'll not reprimand him in such a way!" the darker one stood up shakily as he balled his fists and let the crimson river run from his forehead. "I'll kill you before I let you hurt him anymore than ye already 'ave." There was another contrast, while the boy of darkness had bright and icy eyes, the other, more angelic one had dark earthen colored eyes, almost black when he hid his face.

   "Easy now, I'm not the one who decided to stalk someone as if prey," I answered, "Which, by what motives did you two do such a thing? Were you planning on robbing me? If thieves you are then I'll warn you but once to leave, should I see you again, I shall have to dispose of you two." I gave a minor glare that seemed to terrify the paler of the two but the one in black stood firm and approached me with conviction as he pressed me against a tree and bumped our two chests together.

   "If Feher and I were thieves, we'd have robbed you by now," he hissed, the hatred in his eyes becoming more and more pronounced, "We were curious is all, not too many people wander this far into the Dark Valley by shear whim." He kept against me as he withdrew a knife from his pocket and pressed it against my throat. "What's a nicely dressed pale face such as yourself doing out this far anyway? Has the village elder sent you to hunt us!? Tell 'em to leave us alone!"

   "Brother, I don't think he's a hunter, look!" the angelic child or Feher, as the other had named him pointed to my ring. "I've seen such a ring on the lady in white that passes through on occasion." Feher approached with a slight bit of weariness as he took my hand in his and examined the ring on my finger. "Hmm.. definitely an amethyst ring with silver etchings. This is just like the ring the nice lady wears, do you know 'er then?" He looked at me with those sad and dark eyes that now in the fading light I could see were actually a mixture of brown and grey as he waited for an answer.

   "Lady in white? Sorry no, I don't know her. This ring was given to me by my mother before she..." I thought about the gravity of what I was about to say; should I say she was dead then I'd have to explain why I was following a ring to a place where she might be. "She disappeared," I finished, "I'm on a journey to find her and that journey has led me here."

   "Hmph, fine," the one with the icy eyes finally backed down and allowed me to breath again. "You're still a git for throwing the rock at me," he muttered with disdain. Looking up into the sky he frowned as he noticed how dark it was getting. "We have to get out of here, once the sun goes down it won't be safe to be wandering the valley." He began to move off, only stopping when he noticed that Feher was still by me. "Brother, come on we have to get back to the shelter before it gets dark, leave him."

   "Noir, that's not nice to just leave someone out here all alone," Feher smiled a bit as he clasped onto my hand; a strange thing happened then. The moment our hands entwined together a strange light of faint blue appeared and a cool but singing feeling filled the entirety of my hand until we shot apart from each other in surprise and terror. 

   "What the hell did you just do kid!?" the one named Noir was again holding me against a tree, knife pressed against my throat. "I swear to god if you just hurt him or tried to kill him I'll gut you right here!"

   "Brother, that's enough, look," he held up his right hand to which what appeared to be some strange sort of pentagram had appeared and was still faintly glowing blue. "This one's special brother, he woke up my inner geist waffe." Noir looked me over with a mixture of disgust and wonder, seemingly unsure as to what he should do with me. A decidedly exhausted sigh escaped his lips as he dropped me from his grasp and motioned that I follow them. I was unable to protest as Feher had re-clasped onto my hand and was dragging me along with him.


   Their shelter wasn't an inherently poor place; a small cottage nestled beside a waterfall and river, the house itself was partially built into a cave like indent in the cliff face but on the inside resembled much like a house. Two bedrooms, a third room for what appeared to be meditation and a bathroom. The kitchen and dinning room were one along with the living room which made up perhaps the largest room in the house as it was in front. Nice strong woods that had been polished made up the walls and candles lit the place decently though, oddly enough, it appeared as though electricity also was present here.

   "So, you're my brother's new master then," Noir cut me out of my thoughts on their home with his cool and calm voice as he emerged from the bathroom his head wrapped in medical wraps. "So, what will you have hist Geist Waffe do for you? Burn a village, kill an enemy, what?"

   "Pardon?" I asked, "What is a geist waffe?"

   "It's Germanic in origin, loosely translated means spirit weapon," he sat down at the small circular table that was assumedly what they dined upon at meals. "We aren't normal kids in case you've not noticed, we are human weapons, élő fegyver as the Hungarians would say."

   "You're saying you are both..?"

   "Human weapons? Indeed we are," he smiled as he pulled his shirt aside to show off his tattoo. A pentagram, much like his brother Feher's but instead of faded blue, it was deep red. He went on to explain about their heritage and how they ended up where the did and why the village that was on the coast hated and wanted them dead for they saw them as 'menaces to society.' 

   "That's terrible," I sighed as my palm rubbed up and then down my face trying to keep awake, or would it be asleep rather, considering I was dreaming. "Um, I'm curious, you two seem to have similar bodies and facial structure are you twins?"

   "Very good, the git's intelligent," Noir smirked, "We were identicals when we were first born but, by age seven we looked as we do now, complete opposites." He looked at me with minor suspicion as he asked a rather strange question, "You know what our names mean, right?"

   "Noir, if I remember is French for black or night," I answered as I thought about it.. "Feher... it sounds like it's from Eastern Europe... Sorry, his I don't know."

   "Means white, or day in Hungarian," Noir answered, his hostilities fading slowly. "Hey um, I'm curious... can I see your other hand?"

   "Why?" I asked as I placed it on the table carefully. He looked at me with minor fear and despairity. He explained that though he and his brother were always together, no one person ever was able to be both of their master at once and, as a result, one always got left out and had to tarry along as either a lackie or a weapon for the chosen brother to use. 

   "I want to see, just for laughs if..." he left off as he squeezed my hand and almost immediately our hands burned with the severe pain as if we had placed our hands on hot coals fresh from a fire. He looked at his hand and then at mine and in a state of dazed shocked managed only this, "You're the one... My god.." He then took me in hand and quietly whispered to me with utmost sincerity. "You're the first person to be able to take both of us, that doesn't mean you have to but please, take us on."

   "You tried to kill me and-"

   "I'm sorry, you hurting Feher upset me but I'm sorry," he whispered with sadness and remorse. "Please, I'm tired of living like this, stuck either in hiding or hurting innocent people to help some old git make a gain."

   "You could've denied the contract-"

   "No, we can't, our very lives depend on it once we awaken," he answered, "If we refuse a contract once awakened, it could very well drain our life from us. Please... I'm on the verge of begging here!" he began to raise his voice a bit as a tear came to his eye.

   "Brother, what has bothered you?" came Feher's voice from behind; stepping closer though he stopped and stood in shock as he saw my hands. "He... he can take both of us...?"

   "Please... don't leave us here..." he lamented.

   "Fine!" I snapped, "I'll bloody take yea then! But, you won't travel around in those rags, we'll have to go back to the Ivory Palace and find you some suitable clothes." Leaning back in my chair I smiled as the feeling of awakening drew close. "Now, we can go in the morning, but for now," I allowed a yawn to escape my throat, "I'm going to bed, good night you two," I continued to yawn as I moved into the guest room and closed the door. Flopping onto the bed I looked at the ring and sighed, "Sorry mom, another time I guess."


   I awoke to Callum gently nudging me awake, his gloved hand gently pressing against my arm and a small smile wore on his face as his earthen eyes seemed to be displaying sadness that he had to be the one to awaken me. Upon seeing my eyes flutter open and come to rest on his he stopped and bowed his head.

   "Apologies young master but-"

   "Dinner is ready I take it?" I cut him off with a daze in my voice, "Yes, I figured as much, though I must say I had the most interesting dream." Callum smiled as he knelt down by the bedside and replaced my leggings and clipped them in place as I re-buttoned my shirt and replaced my petticoat unto my shoulders. "Callum, I must apologize for cutting you off like that, it was just..."

   "Everything is well my lord," he smiled as he slipped my shoes on and bade that I stand up. Obliging his gesture I got up and quickly hugged him before hastily traveling to the dinning room.

   Dinner was as much a common normality that I by habit drowned out the meaningless droning of whatever guest was conversing with father. Our dining room was pleasant enough; quite spacious in size with a strange second floor sweeping balcony. Two large and luxurious chandeliers hung suspended above our heads like floating clouds of fine brass, gold and crystal. Simple but elegant tri-pronged mantles adorned the walls and served for ambient light more than for illumination. Beige walls with a tiled floor of similar beige and chocolate colored tiles intermingling in a tilted checkerboard pattern with a large oval shaped carpet in center that, was oddly enough, a medium crimson color (I always thought it was overly contrasting to the rest of the room). The table upon which the carpet was under was of carved oak, polished a faded cherry with twelve chairs, five on each side for ten of them and then one at either end of the table. Twin tri-pronged candelabras adorned the table which, for this particular evening was covered in a light ivory colored table cloth. 

   "Mason, are you paying any mind to us?" came father's voice. It was only then I snapped back to reality and noticed that our guest was actually Uncle Vincent. I couldn't help but perk up a bit then as I like Uncle Vincent, he was kind and relatively courteous to me. 

   "I'm sorry, I must admit my mind was elsewhere," I blushed out of embarrassment. "So, Uncle Vincent, may I ask as to what has fancied you to visit us? I thought you were busy with buisness in London?"

   "And I was," he answered with a smile, "However, I'm finished now and as I've nothing to really encumber me, I'd thought I pay a visit."

   "More like you don't want to go home to your wife and child, am I wrong?" father lightly jabbed at his brother to which the other blushed deeply.

   "Heavens Simon!" he seemed to squeak, "Have some decency and compassion! Tis not my child I don't miss..."

   "But that dried up excuse for a wife?" father laughed in a hearty manner. "Oh come now Vincent, you know I'm simply having a minor bit of fun. On a more serious tone, how is she? I heard that she's come down with a sickness and that she's withering..." I couldn't stand talking about death so I cordially excused myself and sought out Callum's company. Finding him was easy as when he had spare time he always mosied off to the library in the house which was quite expansive.

   "Callum, can you spare a moment?" I asked as I closed the door behind me and settled myself beside him on the sofa he had stationed himself at. He looked up from his reading and a small line grew upwards on his face into a meek smile as he silently patted the cushion beside him. I scooted closer to him and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and the smile continued to grow.

   "What troubles you young master?" he asked in a quiet tone of care and concern.

   "Will you promise to stay with me?" I asked, not making eye contact with him as I was trying to hold back a few tears that I felt were coming; I hated allowing others to see me cry.

   "My master, what has brought up such a question?" he asked as the smile faded and placed the book on the nearby night table and knelt in front of me. 

   "Please Callum, I want to know," I answered as my voice began to waver a bit as I began to lose control of myself. He took my hands into his and answered with an utmost serious but soft tone.

   "Master, I will never leave your side," he cooed as he pulled me to my feet. "I promise, not even death shall separate us, I'll forever be by your side should you so desire." 

   "" I broke down and cried, nuzzling my face into his chest. "Pathetic," I thought to myself, here I was sixteen and crying like a schoolgirl, how childish.

   "Come now, young master," he picked me up and despite my minor struggle, he carried me to my room. "All is at ease now, please calm yourself, young master." he whispered as he walked about the house, opening my door with ease, closing it with his foot. Placing me gently on the bed, he removed my shoes and leggings as I lay there, dead to the world, tears streaming from my face. Next he removed my petticoat and then my shirt as he carefully manipulated my numb body as if I were a fragile doll. He drapped my nightgown on me as he in the same movement stole away my trousers and placed them in a hamper beside my dresser. 

   "Callum, I'm weak hearted, aren't I?" I asked with a sad chuckle as he tucked me gently under the sheets and sat beside me. He wiped away my tears with his handkerchief as he answered with a sense of conviction.

   "Never have I thought you a weak hearted person," he answered as he placed a hand gently unto my chest, separated by the sheets. I almost immediately calmed down then as he went on. "If you were weak hearted, you wouldn't have ventured into the Annex's chamber, never would have shown us around your dreamscape, never would've ran off to the garden to face the cold to see your mother. No master, you aren't weak hearted, if anything, you're quite strong hearted and strong willed." He then hugged me quickly and as he pulled away he smiled. "However, you are a human and as such, you occasionally do find sadness within but stand strong, all is at ease, I promise, now, goodnight young lord."

   He left without another word and like that, I was alone in the dark of my room, turning over in my bed I examined the ring on my finger and smiled as the shadow of sleep set in once again. "I'm coming back you guys, and mother, I will see you again... I promise..."

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