Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


11. You were just something i wanted, not needed

Laney POV: we got home and i rushed upstairs i packed most of my stuff. i was heading downstair when zayn said "where do you think your going '' i ignored him an put my bags in my truck and went for my other things , when i finished putting everything in my car,i went back inside to get my purse and car keys when zayn stood up and said ' so your really leaving ' he said i looked at him straight at him and said ' yes, zayn were done im breaking up with you and i dont want you looking for me later .' he chuckled and said ' you think i would waste my time to go looking for you haha i would never waste my time for you espcially now .' i could see my eyes getting watery so i looked down while a tear hit the ground . he just said 'well go then since your all packed right .. ' i kept my head low while i got my purse and keys but i said ' you know what zayn' . i said he smirked and said ' what ?' i then stood proud and said ' you were something i wanted not needed ' and with that said i walked out and drove off . i drove to Ash's house when i pulled up her drive way i got off and didnt bother to knock so i opened the door when , i saw three white things on her table i walked up to it and noticed they were pregnacy test and all of them said ' POSITIVE ' i gasped a little when Ash walked in. Ash POV : i saw Laney standing there looking at the test so i walked in . i was a little nervous i told her ' we were planning on telling everyone when we knew for sure ' . louis walked in and hugged me and whispered in my ear ' she knows or what ?' i nodded and he let go and threw away the test and told Laney ' can you keep this on the down low for now ' louis said she nodded but looked sad. Laney POV : i told ash everything that happened i was so sad but ash said " you could stay here til you get back on your feet ". i told her how i was so grateful that she let me stay and with that , louis showed me to the guest room i put my purse down and went to my car to get some of my clothes . Zayn POV : i was so depressed and mad i couldn't think of Laney with someone else i started throwing everything across the room . i got drunk and started to look at an old picture of me and Laney when i threw the picture to the wall in smashed into tiny pieces , it felt just how my heart was when Laney told me "you were just something i wanted , not needed''. i tried to ignore her voice , but it kept playing on an on i finally got her out of my head by falling asleep.


Sorry i haven't updated in a while but im back i hope you guys like it so far :) love you all !!!

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