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This will take a bit to get characters for. I need one for Liam, one for Niall and one for Harry. Niall and Harrys girls will be there but not the biggest part of the story. It will be mostly Liam and his girl.
If you want to be Liam or Niall's girl comment below with your name, a description, and your hobby/ career path. The first to ask and give all three requirement gets to be a part of the story. When they are gone you must wait for the next open option.
Thanks to all.


7. Chapter Four

Quick Pre- Authors note ** I am so sorry I have not updated in... I don't know how long.... back to the story**



I was asleep when I got the call, Ally was in labor, she was about to have our child and I am on the other side of the world. As soon as I heard I rushed to another phone so that I could stay on the line with Cameron and call the air port to arrange getting home as soon as I can. I want to see our dashing little boy as soon as we can... I know I don't know what the child's gender will be but I secretly really want it to be a boy, I can teach him the ways of being a man and, and then he can also protect his little sister when they grow up. Yes I am planning that far ahead. Don't judge.

"Ally calm down. Stressing isn't helping the baby." I heard Cameron say. "He will be here when he gets here and this child will not plan around its fathers arrival. It is coming when it wants to come."

"THAT IS NOT HELPING CAMERON." That would be my wife that screamed that...

"Cameron, give Ally the phone." I mutter.

"Here." She says, I hear movement and then Ally is on the other line.

"How soon will you be here?" She gasps, clearly really close to having the child pop.

"About eight hours. Now Ally, you need to do something for me alright?" I am running down the hallway to tell the boys and I am out of here for a while, they can ship my things home if I don't make it back before our next location.

"Anything." I can practically see her, sweaty forehead, holding.. well suffocating one of the girls hands.

"If the baby is ready the baby needs to come out. Don't hold the child in waiting for me to get there, or the child can die. Alright? If the you are in labor don't wait for me, I will be there soon to see our baby alright?" The guys are right there when I am talking and are looking at me.

"But Harry..."

"No 'buts' Ally. I am serious. I will be there soon to see our child. I love you and don't do anything stupid." I look at the boys who are now just staring at me.

"I love you too Harry. Get here soon please." As I was about to reply I heard more movement and I was back to Cameron.

"You're on your way right? Cause she just got rolled into the child birthing unit." That is when it hit me. I need to get there as soon as possible.

"Yeah, I am on my way. I want to be there as soon as I can be to see my child." And the line went dead.




Labor really didn't take long with Tyler, and the little guy was so small for any baby. There was a question if he was going to make it out of the hospital due to his premature birth. Not many kids have made if they where born this early. Despite how tired I was I waited up until Harry got here so the child could be watched. As soon as he was here I slept, a deep, long, comfortable sleep.


Yes, it has been a very long time since i posted and i apologize... I will update more often during the summer.

I don't really have much to say so comment below..

Love you all!!

Callie xox


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